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Friday Favorites: Wellness Products

Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite wellness products that have been helping me recharge my health. At the end of last year, I was feeling, so blah – no energy, no focus, always in a funk. I have been calling them my slug days. Because I basically felt just like a slug – leaving a trail of sluggish bad energy behind me everywhere I went. I wanted to majorly overhaul my self-care and wellness to start the new year, so I started integrating easy, little habits to kickstart the process of getting back on track.

I definitely want to expand on these three categories in the next few months, but as a quick intro, I am sharing what’s been helping me FEEL more like me!

See below for three of my favorite wellness products this month!

Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out Carbonated Sodas for Carbonated Water

Nike Juvenate in gray | athletic leggings | gray long tee | Timex watch | Sole Society bag | Zevia water

Favorite Wellness Products | Adding Essential Oils to Your Morning and Bedtime Routines

Essential Oils

Essential oils are quickly becoming part of my everyday routine! Right now, I’m using a mixture of both Doterra oils and Aveda’s balancing chakra oils. I use the Doterra Lavender on my inner wrists to help me sleep deeper and Breathe in the diffusor if I’m having sinus issues before bedtime. To get the morning started, I add Lemon to my water for my workouts. After workouts, I’ll pick a chakra oil to spray depending on what my motivation for the day is. I would love love love to get more into essential oils in a longer post soon! Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites or combinations I should try!

Favorite Wellness Products | This handheld skin exfoliator is an easy way to achieve microdermabrasion at home!

Dry Brushing / Exfoliation

I’ve talked about dry brushing before and how important it is to the body’s lymphatic system, but I’ve discovered this little handheld exfoliator that basically acts like a dry brush for my face! Crystal Smooth has a crystalized head that comes in three different strengths. (I’ve worked my way up to moderate!) I use it in between my PMD sessions for a routine that’s super close to microdermabrasion at home!

Favorite Wellness Products | Swapping out carbonated sodas for carbonated water instead

Carbonated Water

You guys… I LOVE Diet Coke. It’s been my biggest vice for years!! But I knew to make any healthy progress this year, ditching the soda was one thing that had to happen. My Diet Coke served as my afternoon pick-me-up after my morning coffee wore off. That first sip out of the can – it was like a drug – anyone feel me on this? There was basically no way I was going to quit cold turkey. I had to find something that still gave me that little fizzy lift. Since around November, I have officially switched to carbonated water (or sparkling if you wanna be fancy). There are a ton of flavors out there if you can’t get on board with just normal carbonated water. Zevia has a TON of flavors that almost feel like you’re drinking a soda. So, I am still giving myself an afternoon treat now without all the chemicals!

Do you guys have any favorite wellness products that I should try? Leave them in the comments below or over in Instagram!

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