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5 Pregnancy Health Tips I’ve Been Living By

I can’t believe that we are already down to a 7 week countdown over here! The weeks have really been flying by even now that I’m in my third trimester – when people said the days would start to drag. (I think they might even be flying by faster?!) And now, I finally have some overall perspective on my own pregnancy health and how I’ve been staying active even on those “off” days. In today’s post, I narrowed it down to the 5 easy and relatable pregnancy health tips that I’ve been living by the past 33 weeks.

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5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By

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5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By

1. Make Smart Eating Decisions

I’m starting with this one first because it’s been by far the HARDEST one for me to stick to lately! If you remember from my first trimester vs. second trimester blog post, I had a rough start where I could barely eat anything. And in the same post I mentioned all of the sugar cravings that have taken over for the second half of my pregnancy! To keep from eating all the cakes and cookies possible, I’ve been replacing all things sweet with as much FRUIT as possible. You might have seen me making smoothies on Instagram Stories, but I’ve also made it a regular habit of eating fresh fruit and granola whenever a craving hits. Our fridge is always stocked with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries + the bundle of bananas that are always on the counter within reach.

Instead of hitting up the chip bags in the pantry, I’ll grab a packet of mixed nuts or granola bar. I keep both of these in my purse at all times too, so I don’t get tempted to stop by and get some drive-thru fries. (That urge has hit me many times too.) In fact, any time I do drive through Chick-fil-a, I order a large side of fruit to bring that home with me. Once I got the hang of some simple swaps, the temptations haven’t gotten too out of hand.

NOW if Jordan shows up tonight with a Mardi Gras King Cake, I’m not saying that I won’t have a piece or two…

2. Take a Prenatal Vitamins + Any Supplements

One healthy eating tip that you’ll notice wasn’t mentioned above – vegetables. I’ll be the first one to admit, that I’m likely not eating enough green vegetables. I still have a slight aversion to veggies stemming all the way back to my first trimester. Baked broccoli and cauliflower has been easy for me to make for dinner, and I try to eat a leafy wrap or generous salad whenever possible. I’ll even throw spinach into my smoothies to try to get some extra greens in. BUT even with all of that, my blood tests came back anemic, so I’ve added an iron supplement to my prenatal vitamins.

Speaking of vitamins, I was taking prenatal gummy vitamins even before I got pregnant. Once I found out I was expecting, I switched to a prescribed prenatal gummy vitamin (not completely covered by insurance). However, I recently found care/of which puts together a full vitamin plan together for you after taking a health quiz. Your vitamins come individually wrapped per day making it really easy to throw in a purse or travel bag. My current care/of packs include 5 different vitamins: calcium, fish oil, B-Complex, Prenatal, and magnesium. I will be talking more about this over on IG Stories for you guys this week!

5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By

3. Keep MOVING!

I learned this from my best friend Hilary who told me to keep moving throughout my pregnancy. Don’t take the closest parking spots, don’t use the special maternity spots at the hospital. Get to stepping and keep it moving so that you keep your muscles going throughout all 9 months. Other things I try to do especially since I work from home during the day – walk the dogs, don’t wait for Jordan to wheel the trash and recycling bins up the driveway, clean and straighten up the house constantly. (Hello, nesting.) BUT, there are things that I know not to do like any heavy lifting, anything that involves a step ladder or climbing, cleaning with any toxic chemicals etc.

4. But Know When to Rest

At the same time, I’ve really been giving myself the grace to rest at night. Sleep is huge for me right now especially getting a full eight hours (or sometimes more). To help me sleep, I have been using a pregnancy pillow since the beginning of my second trimester to learn how to sleep on my side more comfortably. I’m a stomach sleeper, so this was a big adjustment! I think it was really important for me to start using the pillow as soon as possible because now I rarely have issues falling to sleep on my side. The only time that I really wake up is when I need to roll to the other side because the weight of laying on one hip can make it sore. (I also wake up at least once during the night for a bathroom break.)

5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By

5. Remember to #treatyoself

My favorite part of pregnancy – the excuse to treat myself! 😉 Although I do find myself working and moving a lot during the day to prepare for this little guy to make his appearance, I work in ample me time too. I do 100% enjoy a pedicure even more now. I eat that slice of cake when I want. I lay in bed a little longer on the weekends. I have the comfiest clothes to lounge in while watching Netflix. And most importantly, I have no regrets about any of it!

Have any pregnancy health tips that you want to share? Leave them in the comments below!

Thanks to Jockey, a brand I’ve been living in lately, for partnering on this post. As always all opinions and styling are my own.

Photos by Lainey Reed

5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By 5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By 5 Pregnancy Health Tips That I've Been Living By

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