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The Summer Dress Style That I Need/Want/Love

You guys, isn’t this cutout midi dress trend SO adorable? Being taller, I love a good midi dress, so the fact that someone decided to throw in a fun little cutout and make it even better, makes me supremely happy. You might even remember this solid navy cutout midi dress that I wore earlier this year – it was such a hit that it sold out in a mere few days. It’s finally back in stock now! My point being – this style dress is like the next off-the-shoulder top for spring. It’s going to be a big deal for summer. 

The mini floral print dress I’m wearing in today’s post is by Wayf. And let me just tell you Wayf is carried by many different retailers but they RARELY all decide to carry the same pieces at the same time. Five different online retailers are ALL carrying this very dress in today’s post. Some of them have already sold out in some sizes, but I found it in stock in all sizes on one particular site! 

To make things easier, here are all four sites in order of size availability:

Bloomingdales – restocked in all sizes

Revolve – Medium only

Nordstrom – Large only

Shopbop – 1 Medium

Sole Society – now sold out

(I’m telling you guys, this dress style is kind of a big deal!)

See the rest of this post + get the promo code for 15% off Gigi New York and Graphic Image sitewide in today’s full post! It’s super secret and by word of mouth only!

Shop the post:

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  • Reply Sloane @red evening clutch

    Looking cool. Perfect look for the summer. I just love your style. You can try clutch bags instead of sleek bags.

    June 10, 2016 at 4:26 am
  • Reply Maggie Zemanek

    Okay, this dress is just the cutest!! I love how you're rocking it.

    June 10, 2016 at 3:41 pm
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