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Foolproof Packing Tips for Multiple Day Trips

You’d think that after spending almost the entire beginning of 2018 traveling I would be a packing pro… But I quickly realized that I needed to give myself a refresher course after committing a ton of travel fails on a recent trip to Atlanta. After being home with Bennett for so long, I actually forgot ALL of my own fool-proof packing tips.

Forgot to check into flight? Check. Forgot to pack basic toiletry items? Check. Forgot to acknowledge a time change? Check. Almost showed up to the airport with an expired ID? Check.

If you need a refresher or want to see how I packed efficient (and underweight) luggage for NYFW, keep reading for my TOP THREE foolproof packing tips for multiple day trips.

Plus, download my Easy Packing Checklist that you can copy and paste into your phone notes!

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Foolproof Packing Tips | Free Packing List Download

1. Plan Specific Outfits + Take Photos

THIS is my favorite travel tip – whenever I fail to do this one thing, my suitcase turns into a MESS. The night before a long trip, I’ll hang up all of my outfits where they are visible and match shoes and handbags to each one. This helps me manage which accessories I can wear for multiple outfits.

I’ll then try on every single outfit head-to-toe including any jewelry. I’ll either take a mirror selfie or take a picture of everything next to each other on the floor, so that I can remember what went together. As I wear each outfit, I’ll delete the photo from my camera roll. This helps me remember what I have left to wear in my suitcase.

I swear by this!! Especially for multiple day trips or on trips when you won’t have a lot of time to figure out what to wear. For example, if I know I’m running late for an event, I’ll open my camera roll and figure out exactly which items need to be steamed etc so I don’t waste any time.

Foolproof Packing Tips | Free Packing List Download

2. Refresh Toiletry Bags Before Each Trip

I use the same travel toiletry bags for pretty much every single trip, but I’ve had a few inconvenient situations where I didn’t remember to restock cotton rounds, bobby pins or basic products that I ran out of. I’m trying to get into the habit of checking my toiletry bags before new trips.

If I’m not checking a bag, I’ll make sure the bags are stocked with travel sizes. If I am checking a bag for a longer trip, I’ll swap out some of the travel-size products for the full-size versions. (For longer trips, I like to have full-size hair spray, dry shampoo etc.) For skin care products, I’ll recheck the travel-size and full size options to make sure I’m not repeating any products and overpacking. I typically travel with these skincare items:

Face Wash | Makeup Remover | Astringent/Toner | Eye Cream

SPF day cream | 1 serum depending on skin concern | Night Cream

For makeup, I’ll remove any extra products or brushes that might have accumulated in my main bag during regular use. I’ve mentioned before that I think these magnetic face palettes are genius for traveling.

3. Use a Check List Each Way

You know that feeling… the feeling like you forgot something at home. OR what about that feeling of CRAP, I left something in the hotel. True story, I left not one but two pairs of shoes in Montauk earlier this summer. I have forgotten to pack things so often that I made myself a packing check list.  This list is exactly what I checked off before I left the house and before I headed back home from New York.

You can download my comprehensive packing list BELOW.

Free Packing List Download

Copy and paste the list into your Notes app on your phone so that you can manually check it off on your device.

Plus, there’s a special page just for outfit planning, so you can fill in with every single outfit piece.

Have any foolproof packing tips you use?

Photos by Lainey Reed

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    Great tips! I always plan my outfits beforehand – saves so much time and makes packing so much faster! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    September 12, 2019 at 12:46 am
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