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Friday Favorites | 1.12.18

New Wall Art | Friday Favorites

1. Blank Canvas

Kinda taking the new year, fresh start, blank canvas thing literally in our house right now! I’ve basically removed every painting and piece of art off the walls and am looking to refresh our home decor this month. While I still love the print above our bed, I think I want something a little different now. I also removed our gallery wall behind our couch a few months ago because I want to find to large scale pieces that will replace it. I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet, but please email me if you have local artist suggestions or a favorite site to find artwork. Hope to update you guys on this progress soon as I think wall art can really transform a room.

Favorite New Beauty Product | Tata Harper Clarifying Mask | APOL Friday Favorites

2. Tata Harper Skincare

I’ve heard a lot of really great things about the Tata Harper skincare line, namely that it’s 100% natural and non-chemical. I had this clarifying mask for about a month before I actually tried it though. It was right after Christmas, my skin was majorly freaking out on me from all of the added sugar in my diet. I had multiple small breakouts pop up on my cheeks – and this is normally where I get them when I’m eating poorly. I had heard this particular Tata Harper clarifying mask was a miracle worker on blemishes and wanted to see if all the reviews were true. You. Guys. The hype is real.

I wore this mask at night not expecting much. My skin was definitely softer and a little dewey right after, but when I woke up the next morning, the blemishes had basically disappeared. Now this is a pretty small jar, so I’ll most likely only use it for those exact instances where I want to hopefully wake up with clearer skin. I also have used the Tata Harper clarifying moisturizer that goes with it, and now I’ll wear it on in-between days when I’m just working from home. I’ve definitely had clearer skin after using these two!

The Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do On Instagram | IG Poll Results

3. Favorite Blog Post This Week

Ask and you shall receive. That’s exactly what I learned last week when I polled my audience on IG Stories. I asked for people to direct message me the one thing that bothers them most about bloggers/influencers on Instagram. OH BOY, did I get a response! I thought about sharing the most helpful screenshots on IG, but even better – I did a full blog post on it! I shared all of the feedback that I received in one big post, and in case you didn’t catch it yet, READ IT HERE. I’m really excited to share this one!

Two Books to Start Your New Year With | Books For Entrepreneurs | Tribe of Mentors

4. Reading List

I picked up a new book this week that I saw on The Skinny Confidential’s IG Story called Tribe of Mentors. I’ve been meaning to get back into reading – it’s literally been months since I’ve picked a book up. I usually listen to podcasts while multi-tasking because I can’t seem to set aside time to devote to a book. BUT because one of my main intentions this year is to keep learning, I wanted to start with this one in particular. Will let you guys know how I like it – would you be interested in a post about my favorite books? A few of my other favorites are The 4-Hour Work Week, The Secret (have read this one multiple times), and I also started Your Best Year Ever.

5. Best Weekend Sales

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  • Reply Annaliese

    Ah that’s so awesome you’re getting back into reading- it’s one of my fav hobbies!! I loved your blog post on IG pet peeves, it made me smile and I could totally relate!

    xoxo A

    January 12, 2018 at 4:36 pm
  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Thank you for your book recommendations. Going to check them out as I’m always looking for new reads! As soon as I finish my current one! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    January 13, 2018 at 12:22 am
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