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Get Blown Away at Dry Bar Bleu!

While in New Orleans for
NOLAFW, I finally had the opportunity to stop by and check out Dry Bar Bleu,
the blow dry bar that’s recently made it’s mark on Old Metairie. Once inside, I
could definitely understand why (not to mention, they were open on a Sunday).
Owner, Emily Cheramie met me there to introduce me to the space, the Living Proof
products and the Dry Bar Bleu philosophy.

I was so impressed by all of
the attention to detail, the immaculate space and the dedication to customer
experience. (Look how fab all of the photos are!) I would tell you more in my
own words – but I think Emily did a much better job at answering all my
pressing questions below:

The response to the salon opening so far:

The response to dBb has been truly
overwhelming. In the two short weeks we’ve been opened, we have over doubled
our appointments. I’ve gone from praying just one client would show up to
actually having to turn them away because we have no availability. It’s been
the most challenging but fulfilling thing I’ve ever done, and I cannot wait to
see what’s in store.

What sets your blow dry bar apart from the

Dry Bar Bleu  is more than a salon, it’s a
destination. And we are selling more than just a blowout, we are selling that
boost of confidence a lady feels after a professional, stress-free

At dBb, our philosophy is simple: Focus on one
thing, and then, be the best at it. For us, that’s creating picture perfect
blowouts. That’s right: No color or cuts. Just fabulous blowouts for $35+.
Simply wash. blow. style. go.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the power
of little details. Everything from the provided purse hooks, cucumber infused
spa water that is served or how each station is equipped with its own iPad,
I’ve spent countless hours making sure no detail was overlooked, and I think
ladies appreciate that. Dry Bar Bleu is a place I want to go to as a client and
am proud to come to as a business owner. 

How many stylists work at dBb? 

Dry Bar Bleu is so fortunate to have a fabulous
opening team of 13 amazing stylists. With a combined 72 years of experience
within the beauty industry, our talented stylists cannot wait to blow you

How many blow dry styles are offered? 

There are
12 hairstyles one can choose from, all of which are broken down into four, fun,
drink-related categories:

“How do you like your Blowout” Neat,
On The Rocks, Shaken and With a Twist. 

“Pick your Poison” House Special,
Cosmo, Up Towner, Ginger Ale. 

“Local Specials” Hurricane, Flip Cup,
Mint Julep, and the Old Fashioned. 

“Add Ons” include The Works, Top
Shelf, Hair Shot, Hair Chaser and Dry Style. 

What product lines do you carry ?

At Dry Bar Bleu, we proudly use and retail Living Proof
Products. LP was created with a simple ambition – challenge conventional wisdom
to solve your toughest beauty problems. With a team of expert stylists and
biotech scientists, LP invented and patented new molecules that complete change
how your hair behaves. But don’t just take our word for it, just ask co-owner
Jennifer Aniston.

In addition to Living Proof, Dry Bar Bleu also uses and
retails Moroccan Oil for our scalp treatments, Bio-Ionic blowdryers and curling
irons,T3 flat irons, TOCCA Perfume, Elizabeth W bath and body products,
Emi-Jay’s to tame your mane. 

One more thing that I do want to mention – the clever keychain cards that dBb uses for customers who book blowout packages. Booking multiple blowouts in advance will get you special pricing and other customer rewards like product discounts! 

A big thanks to Emily for taking time out of her day off to meet me for this feature. For more
information on all things dBb, check them our on Instagram and Facebook!

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    That place looks awesome! I wish I lived in LA!

    October 16, 2013 at 7:46 am
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