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I’m so excited to introduce Shannon from Shannon Kirsten Photography on the blog today! For a long, long time now, I’ve been inspired by pretty much everything that Shannon puts on social media. I stalk her pins on Pinterest and make sure to catch her Instagram updates because she not only has pretty photography but painted projects as well. Right now, I’m swooning over her streetstyle series with Cami from Camilyn Beth… the photos are gorge! 

Shannon’s photography screams bright and crisp and free-spirited, and these adjectives, I think, perfectly sum up her illustrations as well. Everything is fun; everything is given just the right amount of extra thought. I think that’s why I’m so into her style – because it’s something I’d definitely love to achieve in my own work. She’s got an eye behind the camera and behind the brush which is pretty special!

If you’re in Florida and need an awesome photographer, give Shannon a shout. OR if you’re in Louisiana and want to get her to take some photos let me know… I might try to start some sort of photo petition to get her here for a weekend, haha. Also, make sure to check her out and follow her on social media:

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All images c/o Shannon Kirsten Photography. Thanks Shannon!

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