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Good is in the Details

I haven’t talked to much about the house lately, so I thought I’d show some of the details of the living room. The entire room is not finished by any means – I still have a gallery wall to complete, and the hunt for the perfect couch is still ongoing. But hopefully, these shots will give you an idea of the overall feeling I’m trying to achieve. These are all of my favorite parts of the room. I love how they each come together and play off one another:

The first photo is my Anthropologie rug. I waited impatiently patiently on this sucker to go on sale. It did, and here it is now underneath my pallet coffee table project. I’m still stuck on whether I’m going to add another pallet on top, add a cushion top or leave it as it. I guess it all depends on the couch…

Number two is my recently repainted and re-hardwared (did I just make that word up?) armoire. It sat in the living room a long time while I pondered what color to paint it. I started with a slate Annie Sloan paint… wasn’t working for me. So I went with black instead. I added the large brass door knockers to give it a Hollywood Regency feel.

While in the Jonathan Adler store in NYC, I fell hard for his embroidered pillows. I walked out of the store without one only to order the one in picture three when I got home. Typical. It wasn’t so much the phrase on it that sold me, but the colors – they work perfectly with the rug. Although, it’s probably not a coincidence that it seems to keep me from eating in the living room.

And lastly, my curtain poms. Yes, they’re in the dining area, but they also made it into the living room. You may also find curtain poms in one of the guest rooms too. They really never get old. I’m thinking of adding them to the bottom of hand towels as well…

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