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Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My BEST Friend

When I started APOL, the plan was to blog about all of the things that I love, and at some point I decided to narrow it down to a central niche – fashion (and a dab of beauty and a touch of home), but I still want to occasionally share the other things that matter to me as well. And I preface this post because I know a blog post about my dog is sort of coming from left field at this point. But believe me when I say, my dog is my LIFE you guys. Odie is my best friend – he is always excited to see me, forgets when I’m mad at him, always listens and genuinely just makes me happy every single day. 

Odie turns 12 this year. This is super terrifying for me because I really don’t know how many years more we have together. I literally had to stop writing that last sentence to pick him up and squeeze him until he squirmed. I basically ask myself every day if I’m doing all that I possibly can to make sure he is living his best life. For example, he gets his Greenie and rawhide stick every day, I let him sleep in as long as possible every morning before I take him outside, he gets to lick every plate of mine before it gets put in the dishwasher – he only gets boarded if it’s absolutely necessary and no one else can check on him. I’m always checking to make sure I’m doing the little extras for him. 

Part of it goes back to his beginning years of life. I got Odie when I was still in college. Heck, I was barely spending money on my own food let alone paying attention to what dog food he was eating. And now that motherly instinct is kicking in like what the heck was he eating back then? So clearly, I have to make up for it now. Let’s just say Odie is eating much better these days. Instead of bagged food, I have been giving him natural raw food. Five Star is one of the only raw food lines that is USDA certified, inspected and approved. And let me tell you he freaking loves it. I’ve never seen this dog eat so fast. If you’re looking for an alternative food for your fur baby, read more about Five Star in today’s full post!

Meet my little man in today’s full post!

Thanks to Jordan Hefler for being so patient and capturing pictures of my little guy!

Aside from Odie nearly gnawing my hand off any time that I fill his bowl and then try to put it on his tray, there are many benefits from feeding your pet raw food. And another benefit right now goes right into your wallet because Five Star is offering a promotion for 5 flavors of food for only $12.99. For more information, check out the Five Star website HERE.

More about the benefits of Five Star:

Quality Premium, USDA inspected meat and poultry blended with garden fresh vegetables.

Safety A USDA agent is present in the plant during every production run, inspecting incoming ingredients, confirming, sourcing, and enforcing sanitation codes. 

 Nutritional Value Recipes are formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist plus include a patented vitamin/mineral mix – no additional daily supplements are required. 

Flavor It’s no surprise dogs love meat – which is exactly what over 70% of the recipes are made of!

Convenience Simply enter your pet’s weight and select a feeding plan on the Five Star website. A shipment of frozen dinners in an insulated box with dry ice is delivered directly to your door.

For more information, check out the Five Star website HERE.

Thank you to Five Star for keep my pup full and happy and for partnering on today’s post!

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