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How I’m Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back! | Post-Baby Health + Wellness Tips

For nine months, you get used to seeing your little bump grow right before your eyes… until suddenly the baby is out and that bump STILL remains. There was nothing that prepared me for how I’d feel looking at myself in the mirror the first two weeks postpartum. (And even still today two months out.) Hopeless, helpless and inside a stranger’s body looking back at me. You might remember from my 4th trimester blog post, that I wore a belly band to help jumpstart things. But even that isn’t enough to fully get back into normal jeans again. After my six week checkup and the okay to exercise again, I’ve been trying to remind myself of three post-baby health tips that I’m outlining in today’s post.

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Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

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Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

Be Realistic + Forgiving

“Bouncing right back” isn’t a realistic expectation no matter how much or how little baby weight you put on. And although I appreciate and am grateful for every single message saying “you look so great,” the reality is that the baby weight is not melting away magically. I still have months of my postpartum fitness and wellness journey left until I’ll feel like I’m in my own body again – and that’s okay.

I made it a point while pregnant to NOT get caught up in a numbers game. During the second trimester, I asked the nurses to stop telling me my weight at my doctor’s appointments. I didn’t want the number that is supposed to represent a healthy pregnancy turn into a toxic focal point for me. I waited WEEKS post-baby to even step on a scale and look at it. In fact, I didn’t step on the scale until after I was given permission to exercise by my doctor.

Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

Create a Plan and Schedule That Works for You

The easiest step you can take for your health after getting home postpartum is creating a meal plan for yourself. Getting to a grocery store with a newborn feels like an impossible feat, so I’ve utilized apps like InstaCart and local grocery stores that offer home delivery to ensure we always have fresh produce. I also use Home Chef meal delivery because it offers weekly smoothies and offers nutritional info before your select meals.

Finding your own personal time within a baby’s needy schedule is the hardest part of focusing on health. Every day I think “I don’t have time to do this today” when it comes to fitting in exercise. I’ve been working with Jordan to find little windows of opportunity to sneak in a quick run or a few exercises in our house. Right now, those times are when Jordan does Bennett’s 7 am feeding or at night when he does the 7 pm night feeding. And most of the time, I am so TIRED that I don’t even want to think about exercising. Finding time to actually work in a fitness routine has been the most difficult part, but once you start to work them in, they will feel more like a priority.

Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

Reward Yourself

Most of my activewear from pre-pregnancy days doesn’t fit right now. I’ve also been treating myself to new cute activewear outfits to get myself excited about working out again. I’ve mentioned before in my Pregnancy Health Tips post that I LOVE the Jockey basic leggings. In fact, I’ve worn a ton of Jockey pieces during and after my pregnancy because they are so comfortable and not to mention budget-friendly. (With all the items we have to buy for Bennett, spending a ton on activewear pieces isn’t in the budget!) This Jockey sports bra is only $36 and these performance leggings are $48. I snatched up this set while they were running a promotion. Right now, they are offering:

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Most of all, don’t be hard on yourself if the weight isn’t dropping as fast as you expected. Your body just endured a CRAZY change that was 9 months in the making. Give yourself grace and remember to build yourself up every day. I have been very lucky to have a supportive spouse who encourages me to do the things that make me feel like myself again. When if you catch yourself feeling down on yourself, take a look at that little tiny miracle your body made!

Thanks to Jockey, a brand I love, for partnering on today’s post. As always all thoughts and styling are my own.

Post-Baby Health and Fitness Tips

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    I find your motivation so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey and tips! 💕✨

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