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How To Get Invited to Fashion Week

Because I’ve made it more of a priority to connect on Instagram with more bloggers’ accounts (to establish more of a community for myself), I recently noticed the amount of people who have hopes and dreams of coming to NYFW themselves. But it’s not as hard as you might think! I came to my first fashion week with less than 10k Instagram followers and in the beginning stages of my blog. Granted, I wasn’t sitting front row and getting invited to all of the exclusive events, I was here and present and soaking up all of the fashion week experiences. Being in NYC for fashion week is totally manageable and attainable if you follow the right steps and set your expectations accordingly, so I’m outlining them in today’s full post – as well as sharing these killer flare jeans that I packed with me!

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1. Create a calendar of designers/events

I always like to start checking the official NYFW calendar about a month or two before the shows start to see what shows will fall on the days that I plan on being in New York. I can also gauge from previous seasons because designers normally stick to the same dates/times each year. From here, I can start creating a master calendar for myself and a checklist of brands/designers that I want to reach out to first.

2. Write down a list of your fashion week bucket list goals

Whose show invitation would you freak out over seeing in your inbox? Jot down a list of shows that you aspire to go to – even if you don’t get an invite on your first trip, it will give you a goal to give yourself when it comes to networking and making those PR connections that will get you there. For example, I didn’t get an invitation to Rebecca Minkoff immediately, but I knew that show was one of my show goals. Not only am I attending the show, but I am also going backstage and wearing RM to the show now!

 3. Google is your best friend

The answer to finding out who to email for which show is as easy as one word – Google. Seems so mind-blowingly easy but all you really need to do in most cases is use the power of Google to lead you to those PR contacts and emails.

 4. Reach out to your PR connections

An easy step to remember is just to reach out to all of the PR contacts that you already have and tell them that you’ll be in town for NYFW. Even if they do not represent a designer with a show, there’s a a good chance they will have a client that’s looking for placement during that week or is a part of a bigger event like a beauty bar or re-charging lounge.

5. Team up with your blogger friends

Put your head together with some of your blogger BFFS that might have already gone to fashion week and can share some insight (and contacts) for upcoming events. I also recommend having a travel buddy or two that you can plan on matching schedules with, possibly rooming with and/or partnering up with brands with. Fashion week is always more fun with a group of your favorite girls!

6. Pick your hotel

One of the more important steps – pick your hotel EARLY before prices get astronomical. This can also get tricky if you haven’t been before and don’t know the idea places to stay between shows and events. Before when all of the shows were in Lincoln Center, it was easier to pick your hotel, but now that they shows are scattered all over the place, you can literally stay anywhere between Soho, Flatiron and Midtown.

7. Plan in advance for photography

The point of going to fashion week is to document and share with your audience, so having a photography plan in place is super important! Make note of who other bloggers use during fashion week and reach out for their rates. Other options include bringing your own photographer and helping her book shoots with other bloggers you know – plus, I know a ton of girls whose husbands shoot their photos and just come along with them!


Mainly, do not get discouraged if you’re not on the coveted invite list to most shows when you start out. I literally started from nowhere and each season continues to get better as far as brand opportunities and show invites. You have to start somewhere – and the key word here is “start.” Don’t be afraid to see if fashion week is right for you even if you feel like your following isn’t big enough or that you don’t have as many brand opportunities. The good thing is that fashion week is an entire week, but you don’t have to be there for the entire time. Go for a few days or a long weekend and get a feel for fashion week in your own time!

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