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Blog Q&A | How to Manage An Editorial Calendar

One of the most crucial tools for managing my blog and planning maternity leave is definitely my editorial calendar. At the beginning of every month, I like to sit down and plan out everything for at least 2 months in advance. This helps give me a clear vision of what I need to accomplish with deadline attached. But now that we’ve got a baby on the way, I’ve taken it a step further and have my blog content mapped out through the end of April! Within my editorial calendar, I schedule the topics I want to cover, including those requested by you guys, as well as brand partnerships. Having a dedicated agenda to just my business really allows me to prioritize my responsibilities. Some of you had several questions on how to manage an editorial calendar, so I’ll be covering that in today’s post!

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I highly recommend that you start using an editorial calendar to manage your blog content if you haven’t already. Here’s why:

Set clear goals and expectations

When looking at a fresh editorial calendar for the month ahead, all the blank space can definitely be intimidating. It’s so important to learn how to prioritize content ideas, so you can paint the picture that you want your readers to see. An editorial calendar gives you a high level overview of what’s coming up in the month ahead, allowing you to tell specific stories surrounding your life. This includes big travel plans, major holidays and/or sale periods, and brand collaborations. Planning for these kinds of things gives me a good idea of what I need to prioritize and produce!

I always like to keep my blogging mission statement in the back of mind when brainstorming topics. I continually ask myself if this article supports my goals and if it does, I go ahead and jot it down.

Map out deadlines

There’s nothing more important to my business than hitting deadlines, especially with brand sponsorships for the next month. If your blog is your business, this is crucial for your reputation – and out of respect for the brands that work with you. Oftentimes, if a brand has a good experience, they’ll want to partner again in the future.

Having all my due dates laid out for the month ahead allows me to see when I need to take photos – and ensures I won’t schedule too many collaborations back-to-back. Not to mention, too many collaborations can come off as inauthentic which is why I only take on projects that will fall in line with the vision I originally had for my editorial calendar that month. I’m then able to see what supporting content I can also come up with – plus I try to have some backup ideas ready to go too!

Develop a post schedule your readers can recognize

As a new blogger, one can be quite ambitious and might start out with the lofty goal of creating a new post every single day. Although frequent posts are definitely good for SEO purposes and traffic, this could also be your downfall. The pressure of producing new content everyday can amount to getting burnt out or weaken your passion. When you are new to blogging, be realistic about your schedule and what your time allows – but be consistent so that your readers can follow along. My goal each week is to have 3-4 blog posts with at least one collage and one FAQ type post – like this one.

Finding a sweet spot

From experience, I find that the sweet spot for blogging when you’re starting out is posting about 3 times per week. This provides enough time to allow you to shoot your content and deliver carefully constructed posts. Once you get into a routine, you can then re-evaluate and see if you could increase the amount of weekly posts. However, this formula really differs for everyone and it’s a matter of managing your time and knowing your audience. For example, I know that I have at least one collage post each week that doesn’t require me in photos, but I’m still providing lots of style inspiration at the same time.

If you have any other tips or tricks that have helped you with managing your blog content, drop them in the comments!

Photos by Lainey Reed

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I got an editorial calendar over a year ago and it’s been the best thing for my organisation! Really helps keep scheduled posts in check and see what I have planned for the coming few months. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    February 12, 2019 at 9:00 pm
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