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How I Prepare For Outfit Photos with CONAIR

How do you get your
outfit photos? How do you organize the clothing you want to post on your blog?
Does someone follow you around with a camera all day? (I’ve actually gotten
that question more than once.)

I realize that outfit photos might seem like a big mystery,
but there really is a simple answer! I’ve teamed up with CONAIR on today’s post to share a peek into how I stay organized
and get each outfit and piece of clothing photo-ready. See today’s full post for more!

photos by Lainey Reed

The first step for me is ALWAYS steaming all of the clothing
pieces that I know I want to include on APOL. For me, outfits are easier to
visualize and put together if they look like they are ready to wear. (Same
concept that all clothing stores and boutiques use when they steam the clothes
and hang them on the racks.)

When it comes to steaming vs. ironing, my CONAIR handheld steamer wins every time
– I don’t even use an iron/ironing board anymore. Steaming is so much easier
and faster – especially because the CONAIRExtremeSteam® Handheld Fabric Steamer includes a turbo button for hotter,
more powerful steam. (It’s touted as the most powerful steamer on the market.)
Fact: I ALWAYS pack a handheld steamer with me when I travel. You can’t trust
those hotel irons!

I am
also slowly convincing Jordan to ditch the annoying ironing board in our closet
because he can press his work clothes using the aluminum plate and built in
creaser on the CONAIR steamer.

Having a designated area for steaming and
setting aside my outfits is also extremely important. Right now, I have a small
setup area in our bedroom that is conveniently right next to my full-length
mirror. (The mirror also houses my steamer that is plugged in right behind it!)
I have a set of wall hooks where I hang each clothing piece which allows me to
quickly try on and match accessories. I lay out alternate bags or shoes if I’m
indecisive. I like to keep each outfit staged in this area, so I have a visual
reminder of what I need to shoot, not to mention, everything is ready to grab
and throw on at any given time.

Creating this steaming and staging ritual for myself is what
has really kept me organized and ready to shoot any outfit at a moment’s
notice. It’s also cut down major time when it comes to getting ready for events
too. I have already answered the “what to wear” question before it even
happens. And because I’ve already steamed the outfit, I don’t have to worry
about wasting any time the day that I wear it!

Travel Tip: I do this
exact SAME thing when I travel. I unpack my entire suitcase as soon as I get to
the hotel/destination, steam the clothing and set the outfits up in the closet
as I intended to wear them. Takes a lot of the stress of out getting ready on

The CONAIR ExtremeSteam® Handheld FabricSteamer is available at Target (my happy place) and you can get additional
information here:

Thank you to CONAIR
for teaming up on today’s post and for helping me stay organized (and
wrinkle-free) for my outfit photos!

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