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How to Put in Clip-In Extensions

I have heard so many people say that they’d like to try hair extensions, but they don’t actually now how to put them in their own hair – SO I thought what a perfect time to do a hair tutorial on how to put in clip-in extensions! With braid weather and spring weddings around the corner, I’ve teamed up with Luxy Hair (see two previous posts with my Luxy clip-ins: Holiday Sequins and Holiday Tulle Skirt) and Courtney Johnson from Rigsby Frederick Salon to go over the basics of putting in clip-in extensions. I promise I took really great notes! 😉

See the full tutorial and get a special discount on your own set of Luxy Hair in the full post!

Whether you’d like to try them for a special occasion or you want to recreate one of those big messy braid tutorials on Pinterest, Luxy Hair clip-in extensions are a quick and affordable way to either thicken or lengthen your hair. However, you should know how to put them in and blend them with your normal hair to get the best result. Here is a little refresher course for those of you who already know, and a step-by-step tutorial for you newbies!

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ps. The ones you will see here are the 24″ Beach Blonde luxies. Also, a few of these photos of me with no makeup are rather frightening! : /

Start by sectioning off your hair into the rows where your extensions will go. More on this below!
Start with the lowest section near the nape of the neck and back comb at the roots.
Spray the teased area with a mist of hairspray.
The light tease and hairspray will give the combs on your clip-in’s something to “grip”
and will prevent them from slipping.
Use one of your pieces with either 3 clips across this bottom section of hair.
Instead of going straight across give it a small curve which will appear more natural.
Bring down your next section should be right at the top of your ears.
Repeat the process of back combing and misting with hair spray for each new section.
Use an extension piece that covers more area across the back of your head like one with 4 clips.
The second complete section will look like this.
The next section will be slightly higher than the last with a little space between the last extension.
For this section, you can either use your 5 clip piece or use two smaller clips put in at an angle so that they overlap.
This is what the third completed section will look like.
After brushing through these three clip-in sections, your hair will start to blend and look like this!
Next you’ll part your hair as you normally would to determine your side clips. Use your extensions with 1 or 2 clips and put them in at an angle to stagger them.
Staggering the small clips will allow you to use multiple clip-ins and help them be less noticeable.
Now that all the clips are in, we can start with a hair style!
A view of the full length of the 24″ Beach Blonde set from Luxy Hair.
We created a braid to show you the thickness of the hair with clips in.

Are you freaking out over this braid yet?
A braid that’s noticeably thicker and longer!
Braid and clip-in success!
See this braid in action in last week’s First Day of Spring Giveaway Post!

Check out the Luxy Hair website for more information and tutorials!

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