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5 Quick Ways To Reboot Your Beauty Routine

I’ve never been a minimalist in the product department because of my curiosity for the newest skincare innovations. But with Bennett becoming more active and work showing no signs of slowing down, it got difficult to make time for myself the past few months. In fact, I caught myself feeling – not like myself. Since Bennett is starting day school now, I decided to make August a month of “personal reset.” I started by taking a week-long digital detox across all social media, and now I’m revamping my product drawers. Trust me, having a newborn will quickly make you realize the need to cut out self-care products that aren’t essential and start looking for products that are handy on-the-go. If you find yourself in the same boat, scroll ahead for quick tips on how to detox your own routine and a look at the newly launched Mary Kay Naturally collection!

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Natural Skincare Update | Reboot Your Beauty Routine | Mary Kay Naturally

1. Take inventory of your current products

To get started, I pulled out every open skincare product that I had in my drawers. I started tossing expired products or anything collecting dust because it hadn’t been used in a while. After my clean out, I realized that the products that I hadn’t used in a while were the ones that I had before I got pregnant over a year ago. Yuck. Definitely time to toss those out!

Natural Skincare Update | Reboot Your Beauty Routine | Mary Kay Naturally

2. Go natural

While I was pregnant, I started trying more natural skincare formulas, and I actually really love the progress my skin has made since using clean skincare. Not only are natural ingredients less abrasive and irritating, but they’re better for the body. When I visited the Mary Kay headquarters in April, we got a sneak peek at their Mary Kay Naturally Collection which launched this month. I’ve really loved all of the Mary Kay skincare that I’ve tried so far, so I’m excited to see them move into this space! This particular collection is natural-certified and free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes, and SLS/SLES.

3. Target specific needs

Since skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s important to know what your skin actually needs. To target specific areas, start with the basics. The most crucial beauty products are probably your cleanser and moisturizer that you use every single day. For example, I tend to focus on oil control in my T-zone as well as age prevention, so I like to go between two different types of cleansers. I use a gentle option and one that exfoliates to really get down into pores.

For example, I’m really excited about the Mary Kay Naturally Purifying Cleanser for everyday use. And instead of adding an additional cleanser ,I can use the Mary Kay Naturally Exfoliating Powder that can be sprinkled into any cleanser to customize the exfoliation level. I LOVE THIS so much.

Other products in the collection include the Mary Kay Naturally Moisturizing Stick and Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil. These two will definitely come in handy during winter months!! I especially love the convenience of the moisturizing stick – it’s perfect for throwing into your purse on-the-go!

Natural Skincare Update | Reboot Your Beauty Routine | Mary Kay Naturally

4. Stay organized

Aside from the contents of your beauty routine, it is also just as important to keep everything organized. Organization means a lot less stress (and hopefully less breakouts)! If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, chances are you accumulate products quickly even after purging. A great way to get organized is to designate a section of your bathroom to your beauty regimen – preferably where it’s visible. This makes it easier to manage and actually commit to. I swear by the acrylic storage drawers that allow you to see everything inside!

5. Glow from the inside

Finally, your beauty routine isn’t all about skincare and makeup – but diet too! What you consume has a direct effect on your skin, so adding vitamins full of antioxidants, vitamin C, collagen, and amino acids can make all the difference. Do whatever you need to remind yourself to stay hydrated throughout the day whether it’s with a fancy water bottle or setting reminders on your phone. Your inner health is just as important as your outer – and a better you means better skin!

How are you revamping your beauty routine for the season ahead?

Thank you to Mary Kay for partnering on today’s post. As always, all thoughts and styling are my own.

Photos by Lainey Reed

Natural Skincare Update | Reboot Your Beauty Routine | Mary Kay Naturally

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    Love this post! I definitely need to clean up my beauty products – I’m pretty sure some of them have long expired, haha! 🙂

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