How I’m Saving 10 Extra Minutes

Two of the most frequently asked questions I get oddly enough have nothing to do with each other… or do they?

How do you have time to do all the things you do?

What products/tools do you use on your hair?

Until now, I really haven’t thought much about the two things relating to one another, but I’m constantly looking for little hacks to save myself time. Time that is always eluding me when I have a million things to do on my to-do list. One of the most recent products that I’m using to save myself a little time is actually one that I use on my hair! Who else’s hair causes a major time suck every time you have to wash and then style it? I basically loathe the entire process and any product that might cut that time down for me – I’m all about it.

Today, I’m sharing how I have been shaving (at least) 10 minutes off my hair routine with Fromm Beauty and their new Hot Paddle Brush, and how you can use those 10 extra minutes to spend on yourself!

1. After showering, I try to get as much moisture out of my hair using a very absorbent towel, apply product, and comb through. I then complete the majority of my makeup, so my hair has a period of time to air dry. This is especially important in decreasing the amount drying time and heat on my color-treated hair.

2. I dry my hair in sections leaving the top section for last. I use Fromm’s range of brushes as well as their super, light-weight blow dryerThis hair dryer weighs less than 1lb!! My favorite Fromm brush is their new Hot Paddle brush designed specifically for blow drying. It’s created with ceramic plates that retain the heat from your dryer which means faster drying and straightening as you brush through your hair.

3. After drying the top section, I clip it up high on my head. As your hair cools from the dryer heat, it will be cooling upwards instead of flat against your head giving your hair more volume and reducing the time you’ll need to spend on any backcombing. (I love this trick and do this every time I blow dry.)

I’ve found that I can easily save 10 minutes on my hair routine if I implement these super easy three steps. And what would I do with my #Extra10Minutes?

I would enjoy my breakfast and coffee while sitting down instead of while dashing out the door.
I would check the news before heading off to work – anyone else LOVE The Skim emails?
I would give Odie a few more squeezes before I have to leave him behind for the day.

What would you do with your #Extra10Minutes?

Fromm Beauty hair brushes c/o

Fromm Beauty blow dryer c/o

photos by Jordan Hefler

Thank you to Fromm Beauty for partnering on today’s post and helping me save time each day!

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  • Reply Carey

    I need this brush! My hair takes so long to dry!

    The Dainty Details

    April 22, 2016 at 8:48 pm
  • Reply Lauren Duncan

    You look so beautiful! I just got this hairdryer and brushes as well and they are so fabulous!! Seriously saves time!! XO


    April 22, 2016 at 10:05 pm
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