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How to Set Investment Bag #Goals

I touched on today’s blog topic very briefly back in this post, but I knew when I wrote it I wanted to dedicate a bigger post on the topic of investment pieces and in particular – investment handbags. It seems like every other week bloggers are popping up with brand new, beautiful designer bags – the highly coveted Chanel Boy Bag and the newly popular Gucci Dionysus collection for example. It’s like a race to see who can snag the next “it” bag first, so I wanted to share my thoughts on my designer handbags and the “investments” that went along with them.

YSL Université Bag

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From a very young age, I grew up with a rewards system. You get straight A’s in grade school, you get to go pick out a new Barbie. You get straight A’s in high school, you get to pick out your first car. The latter was a real bet that my dad made me, and boy did he probably regret it when I was Salutatorian of my high school and got to pick out my own car. (My only B was in an advanced class in 8th grade that counted as high school credit.) So it’s always been a belief of mine that rewarding yourself is extremely important in the process of setting goals for yourself. This principle has always helped me get in the habit of envisioning a goal and establishing a motivator – sometimes you need a little extra incentive to drive the ambition!

You’re probably wondering what the heck this has to do with buying a purse, but for me, nice bags just happen to be the incentive I give myself for reaching goals. This goes back to my first year out of college when I landed my first full-time job, and I told myself that with my first real paycheck I would buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. For me, that bag is extra special because of that reason – when I see my bags, they are a reminder that hard work does pay off.

To clarify, I am always realistic – I know it’s not feasible to buy a designer handbag every time something great happens in my career. So, I pick a specific goal and associate a reasonable dollar amount with it, and while I’m working towards the goal, I’m also mindfully saving towards the reward. I always have in my head “this amount is un-spendable each month,” so that means skipping the drive-thru for iced coffee or meeting people for lunch and even if it takes a year or more of saving up.

The bag in today’s post was the first bag that I bought myself as a self-employed business owner which took me years to do as described in this post. Most of my bags represent different stages of career successes and also reflect the full investment of my time, money and effort dedicated to a specific goal I set for myself. (Those bags also represent a lot of stress, a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety – haha.)

I also say all of this because it’s easy to see bloggers carrying designer handbags and think they are frivolous spenders or that the bag was gifted to them and maybe even feel a pang of envy – because hey it happens to all of us. But for me,  I think it’s important to reinforce the idea of rewarding yourself with something you love and being proud of the work and “investment” you put into it. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about today’s subject, if you are striving towards a certain goal or if you have any questions for me! Shoot me an email at [email protected]!

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