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Some of you may remember my previous post on how to use, but others might need a refresher or may be wondering what the handles on Instagram actually mean. I thought I’d do a quick recap and show my last five Instagram posts that enable you to shop right from your inbox.

What is It’s an app that allows you to shop your favorite Instagram accounts. You know when you see something in someone’s photo and you really want to know where to buy it or the product information, but the person hasn’t included it in their caption? You can ask in the comments, but there’s a chance that your question may not be seen or answered, so helps you find those items instantly. Any Instagram image tagged with the handle means it’s a shop-able post!

How does it work? When you register with and “like” a photo that includes the handles on Instagram, that photo along with it’s product links will be sent directly to your inbox. You’ll be able to shop those items directly from the product links in your email OR from the website.

You can choose in your settings how often you receive your emails ranging from immediately to once a week. I use on my own posts and to find out specific product details too! It’s super helpful when wanting to find exact items or when you want to create similar looks you’ve seen someone else wearing.

If you have any questions about, shoot me an email at [email protected]!

(Click any image below to be brought to it’s page where you can shop the items seen in the photos.)

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