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How I’m Staying Energized and Motivated While Working From Home

When I decided that I wanted to work from home, I knew that it would introduce a whole new set of productivity hurdles – um let’s start with getting out of bed at a reasonable hour on my own – but I’m starting to finally get down a rhythm and schedule for myself each morning to jumpstart each day. I’m not a morning person AT ALL, so my morning schedule is super super important for how productive and motivated I’ll be each day. However, I quickly realized that by mid-afternoon the motivation can be fleeting and my attention starts jumping around to different tasks and to-do lists.

So today, I’m sharing my little afternoon treat that puts me back on track and other little energizing hacks that are keeping me focused and intentional throughout my week. You might remember this post with OLLY Nutrition from last spring, but now they are offering a new smoothie product that is perfect for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack!

Click through to today’s post with OLLY Nutrition where for my 5 tips and tricks to staying productive as well as one of my favorite smoothie recipes!

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1. Adhere to a healthy eating schedule

I thought it would be easier to eat healthier while working from home because I’d be able to fill my fridge and pantry with healthy meals. (When working at the office, I was zipping all over town picking up my lunch and making not-so-smart meal choices.) But now those healthy meals leave me super hungry mid-afternoon and then, I catch myself snacking all over the place instead!

Instead of incessant snacking, I’ve been making quick smoothies in the afternoon using the OLLY Nutrition smoothie mixes, and I’ve even started experimenting with my own smoothie ingredients. Right now, my favorite is the Slim Chocolate mixed with bananas and cold-brew coffee – for that afternoon pick-me-up. (I’ll add in peanut butter if I’m extra hungry.) If I’m craving something fruity, I’ll use the Nourishing smoothie mix instead and drop in extra berries and spinach with almond milk.

I’ve been mixing mine in our Magic Bullet, but you there’s no blending necessary if you aren’t looking to add in your own ingredients which is great for people on-the-go. You can literally just add OLLY smoothie mix in your water, shake and run out the door.

These smoothies keep me full and from snacking until dinner time when Jordan gets home!

2. Assign your tasks for specific days of the week

I’m an OCD list maker. I have notebooks and notebooks of notes and lists, but I’ve come to realize that the lists don’t mean anything unless you actually plan when you’re going to take action on them. Every Sunday, I look at the week ahead so I can plan for meals, photoshoots, errands and when I can sit down and work on my blog – then I assign them specific days. For example, Sunday is my biggest workday of the week!! (Which I know is supposed to be a day of rest, but my Sundays are SO important for planning.)

Schedule a day of the week that works best for you, and make it your planning day. I have other days of the week that are assigned specific tasks too. For example, Mondays are dreaded tax days when I reconcile accounts and get my mileage and receipts together. Planning my individual days and assigning them tasks has helped me actually get to-do lists knocked out faster.

3. Put everything in your calendar

I go EVERYWHERE with my daily planner. Everything is written inside of it. I even give it to Jordan at the beginning of each month and make him write down when he has events going on. Having an organized calendar not only gives me my weeks and month at a glimpse, it also allows me to think chronologically and give specific tasks priority depending on where they fall on my calendar. This calendar is the key to all of my blog posts and staying organized with photo shoots! I’m always writing in post ideas or topics that I want to cover for the next month as well.

4. Schedule in learning time

This is one of my favorites. I listen to multiple webinars a week, and they range in all different topics. I listen to webinars and podcasts on SEO, Facebook advertising, Pinterest strategy, how to write better copy, DSLR tips, planning an online course – ALL sorts of things. They don’t always have to do with my blog specifically, but I really believe (especially now that I work alone) that you have to keep learning to stay ahead of the curve in any career path.

I suggest searching for webinars on specific topics. Sign up for email newsletters of people you think could help you learn in an area you are unfamiliar with. I’m probably signed up for 10 different educational webinars right now – which seems like a lot, but sometimes I skip certain topics that they cover that don’t interest me. Another good place to find continuing education – Pinterest!

5. Make decisions fueled by intention

Of course, I saved the hardest for last. How many decisions do you make on a daily basis that are backed with intention? Are you making frivolous decisions or are they because you believe they are ones that serve your intentions in your career, health or personal relationships? I’m constantly working on this one, but I am finding that daily affirmations help me make more intention-based decisions. I’m actually going to be doing a full blog post on this entire topic because there are so many facets of intention setting and decision-making – and being a naturally indecisive person, this step is extra important for me!

For example, when I’m at the grocery store deciding on what to eat for the week, I ask myself where I am currently with my eating habits and how successful have I been avoiding certain food groups. This will normally have me putting back half of my shopping cart, haha. More on this topic soon!

Thank you to Olly Nutrition for partnering on today’s post and helping me commit to healthy upgrades at home! As always, all opinions are my own.

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