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Five Ways to Take Better Blog Photos

This post was sponsored by OPTI-FREE®. All opinions are my own.

It’s no secret that a key to a successful blog is having the best images possible. You could have the best photographer at your disposal, but if you’re struggling only with how YOU look in your proofs and edited images, your content is going to struggle as well.

Wanna nail your next blog shoot or just take better photos of yourself in front of the lens? The truth is – being the subject of a photoshoot is way harder than it may seem. Sure, some people might be naturals in front of a camera, while others (like myself) are constantly looking for ways to improve, so in today’s blog post I’m teaming up with OPTI-FREE® Puremoist® Contact Lens Solution and sharing five ways that I get camera-ready!

how to take better photos how to take better photos how to take better photos

1. Perfect Your Smize

If you’re a regular reader, you know I am almost always wearing sunglasses in my posts – and it’s not for the reason you might think. It’s not because I want to cover my face, it’s because whenever I attempt to take photos without a pair of sunnies, I cull through potentially great photos – and my eyes are closed in them.

I’m a contact lens wearer who has a tendency to blink a lot due to just general irritation and discomfort (highly noticeable on Snapchat). I wear contacts that are recommended for moisture – but, blame it perhaps on south Louisiana pollen season, I still blink A LOT. Any other contact wearers feel me on this?!

I’ve made more of an effort recently to take off the sunglasses and work on my “smize” skills. That’s because I’ve been using OPTI-FREE® Puremoist® Contact Lens Solution to keep my lenses clean, comfortable and moist, which in turn is helping to

prevent my unnecessary blinks in photos and any other expressions that might be related to lens discomfort. Additionally, the solution provides all-day comfort and it helps protect against particles sticking to your lens during the day – mascara flakes, I’m looking at you.

Get to know more about the #1 Doctor recommended contact solution HERE.

how to take better photos how to take better photos

2. Practice Your Poses

If you do not have a full-length mirror – you need to get one stat! Before I photograph any outfit, I’ll try it on with my full-length mirror and look at the best ways to stand.

For example, the way you need to stand in flare jeans will be significantly different than the way you stand in a pencil skirt or dress with a high slit. Try to find the best angles for you to stand to really accentuate your clothing, accessories and shoes to show them off in the best possible way.

how to take better photos

3. Look for Makeup and Hair Inspo

I fall victim to this a lot. I wear my hair the same way too often, but what I would really love to do is put all of those Pinterest hair inspiration pins that I’ve been hoarding to good use!

I’d love to be able to put more time into planning the hair and makeup to really finish a look instead of rocking waves in every single post. A chic LBD would look so sophisticated with a side ponytail or a leather moto jacket, and would really rock with a messy bun.

how to take better photos

4. Scout for Locations to Help Your Beauty Looks Pop

Choose your backgrounds wisely to make sure they are putting you front and center and fully focused. You are the important part of the photo, and if there’s a pretty background, that’s a plus, but make sure it doesn’t compete with your look.

For example, if I’m in downtown Baton Rouge wearing something that I’d love to get a photo of on my iPhone, I already have a number of spots scouted out for the photo, depending on what I’m wearing. Rules I go by: If you’re wearing something with a lot of pattern, opt for a solid-colored wall, or if you’re wearing something solid colored, stand in front of somewhere with texture and depth!

how to take better photos

5. Nail It With Polish Perfection

Don’t forget the littlest details like polish for your accessory and shoe close-up shots. In spring/summer, I tend to go with neutral polishes like blush pink or white on my hands and do brights on my toes. In fall/winter, I like to go with reds, berry colors, grays or neutrals on both hands and toes.

All five of these little tips will have you on your way to better blog photos in no time, and they are steps to continue practicing over and over. The more you pay attention to each step, the better the images – and your audience will begin to see the worth in your content!

how to take better photos how to take better photos

Do you have any tips for getting camera-ready? Shoot them my way at [email protected]!

Thank you to Elle magazine and OPTI-FREE® Puremoist® Contact Lens Solution for partnering up on today’s post and helping me share these blogging tips!

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