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7 Dresses That Will Change Your Mind About Overalls

You might have noticed that styles from the 90s are making
their comeback in a major way this season, and one of the most prevalent trends
that you’ll see is the return of 90s denim. Overalls, denim skirts and frayed
hem jeans are back and better than ever with updated details and fits. At first
I wasn’t really sure how to feel about it. I mean, when I think of denim cutoff
skirt, I think of hip hugging jean skirts that
were the smallest portion of denim possible. And overalls? Um hello Delia’s
catalog models wearing overalls and Doc Martens together.

But I admit it, I’m kinda feeling the overalls you guys… but
not in the painter overalls type of way, but the cute overall dresses that are
almost more like wearing a pinafore! The SplendidLA overall dress I’m wearing in today’s post is loose and comfy and has
pockets – all 100% in my opinion. So I’ve rounded up my favorite overall
options in today’s post to give you a better look at the trend!

See below for more of this look and for seven overall dress options for

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