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Upgrading The Everyday Essentials + Giveaway!

I know this isn’t the first time that I’ve ever shown our bedroom dresser, but I think that it’s definitely the cleanest that it’s been in A WHILE. You know that phrase “out of sight, out of mind?” Well that’s basically the relationship between me and most of my jewelry and accessories. If it’s not out where I can see it, I forget it’s there, so with a little help from, I’ve added a few new displays (and accessories) to our dresser top to keep more things in eyesight – but still organized. 

I found a set of jewelry stands that are perfect for holding a range of items. One smaller earring stand also has a base that serves as a catchall, and the taller stand accommodates both bracelets, sunglasses and short necklaces! And perhaps my fave, I found this little jewelry dish that has the inside painted like a donut. 🙂 And because I have little self-control when it comes to small things that are really cute, I also picked out a pair of hot pink Freyers sunglasses (seen below) and a new House of Harlow starburst necklace. Clearly because having it in both white and black were not excessive enough already. Major Nicole Richie fan girl over here. AND I also found marble contact paper (hello DIY artwork) that I’ve been wanting to try out. Literally turned an old frame into a piece of art in less than 5 minutes!

In case you’re unfamiliar, is a site carefully curated of well-designed pieces that accent your home as well as your personality. (It appeals to the graphic design side of me in a major way.) Think of it as a fresh destination to find stylish but functional pieces for your space. It’s also a great retailer for finding gift ideas for people that leave you miffed but appreciate pieces that are well-designed and unique. 

And what about gifting yourself? is hosting a $1000 shopping spree giveaway that you can enter right now:

Enter to win the $1000 Fab Giveaway to Upgrade Your Everyday!

If you have any questions about anything in my room, send me an email – [email protected]!

See the rest of the photos in today’s post!

Many thanks to for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to upgrade my everyday with their amazing design products.

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