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The Must-Have Shoe For August

Yesterday, I unpacked all of my fall shoes so that I could reorganize my shoe shelf and get things ready for August and September, and I fell back in love with all of my lace-up flats! Man, how I missed seeing these pretties. I also realized how much I wore my black lace-up flats because they are all creased up and the points at the ends are worn… might need to reorder a pair of those for myself this weekend. 

So it reminded me to tell you guys, if I have just ONE shoe suggestion for you for the next month – other than all those great sale shoes in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale invest in a pair of lace-up flats for yourself. They were my absolute most worn shoe last fall, and this year, they are back and even better. I found SO many good ones in new colors, animal prints and lace-up directions, so I spent the morning rounding up all of my favorites for you! See all of my favorites for this season below, and there’s even a pair that are part of the Nsale – don’t miss them!

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