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Lovely Discoveries: Back-to-School Cool

Gigi New York Notebook

Gigi New York Jotter + Personalized Jotter Cards

Gigi New York Monogram Tag

White Elephant Designs Pencil Holder / similar

Click and Blossom Mug

Hooray washi tape via Target

I recently got caught up in the Back-to-School aisle and was so easily distracted from my actual shopping list. Buying school supplies used to be my absolute favorite – I mean Lisa Frank trapper keepers hellllo? Now the school items are a little less psychedelic and super CUTE. If I would have had washi tape in junior high…

I am a list type of person. I make lists of everything. Right now on my desk, I have 4 different sticky note lists, a list on an actual notepad and a day planner laid out for easy access. It’s kind of a problem – meaning I’m not so much organized as I am scatterbrained. But fear not, fellow scatterbrained! Brightly colored agendas and planners are insanely popular. My Gigi New York notebook and personalized jotter help me keep my lists in order (and looking chic). If you’re looking to spruce up your desk or maybe a little more “official,” I recommend both of these embossed python accessories that come in multiple different colors.

Grab a motivational coffee mug to start your day with some positive thinking and enlist the help of a personalized cup holder to keep all of your writing utensils reigned in. There are times when I have 4 or 5 different pens spread across my desk, so this White Elephant Designs acrylic holder is a big help. Plus, all of the back to school sales mean it’s the perfect time to start rethinking your desk organization!

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  • Reply Felice Killian

    Totally agree! You can never have too many pens or pads of paper or in too many colors, ever.

    August 14, 2014 at 8:21 pm
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