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5 Steps to Airbrushed Skin with Luminess

We recently went to a black tie event, and I had the perfect dress, perfect heels, perfect curls – but I didn’t realize until we gathered for the pre-event festivities that I didn’t really have “formal” makeup on. Other girls going to the gala had gone to a professional makeup artist and had beautiful smokey eyes and flawless foundation. I was wearing my normal day-to-day makeup and realized – hey maybe that’s not quite enough for dressy occasions. Time to step up my game. 

I’ve gotten so used to wearing minimal makeup that I don’t KNOW how to apply anything more than that. So I set out to try to figure out this crazy world of makeup that’s so foreign to me. Don’t get me wrong, I could watch those contouring videos on Instagram and YouTube all day, but that doesn’t mean I can actually do them myself… 

The great thing about Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup is that I have heard how user-friendly it is, so I decided to give it a whirl. Now, I’ve teamed up with Luminess to review my experience with their airbrush makeup in today’s post for anyone else who wants to achieve a flawless face without having to go through tons of tutorials or try out tons of different foundations.

Read my review on my Luminess experience as a first-time user in today’s full post!

photos by Jordan Hefler

1. Read the Manual

This is one of the most important parts to understanding the airbrush system. Definitely READ THE MANUAL, haha. I should hope that goes without saying, but sometimes I get ambitious and skip ahead because I’m just excited to try something new. There are a lot of great tips and tricks to contouring and creating layered coverage in this booklet. I keep my airbrush machine in the box with this manual so that I can refer back to it if I have a question or forget a step. 

Plus it has a lot of before and after examples which are always my favorite. 

2. Test and Match Your Colors

When I selected my Luminess Air airbrush machine online, it asked me to select my skin tone which was kind of scary considering it was in the middle of summer and my face changes tones depending on if I’m on vacation or if I’m in the middle of using self-tanner. However, I was excited to find out that you’re actually sent a starter kit with a range of makeup shades that fall into your level of skin tone. You can quickly test out the sample colors to see which works best on your skin. Also included are blush a blush, bronzer and moisturizer. There are even a matte foundation colors available too. 

3. Prep the tools

I’d suggest plugging in the machine and practicing with the release before you add the makeup. It will shoot out a stream of air similar to how it will feel once you’ve added product. Get used to sweeping back and forth on your face with even strokes. Once you think you’re ready, follow the instructions in your manual by adding the recommended amount of drops into the machine. You’ll use a lot less makeup than you think you will! 

I highly recommend trying out the machine before putting product in so you can learn how to sweep back and forth. The first time I tried to do it, I kept blowing the stream of air into my eye, haha. Thankfully, I hadn’t put the makeup in yet, and now I know how to do it sans blasts to my eyes.

4. Application

Using the same sweeping motions that you practiced, you can lightly start applying the airbrush makeup until you reach the coverage you need. You may need to refill the machine by adding more drops of makeup until you feel good about the coverage. It’s actually super easy to build layers, so you don’t have to worry about the product coming out like spray paint – it’s a very manageable stream to control. Once you really get the hang of it, you’ll want to play around with contouring your cheekbones and even jawline. 

Side note: I REALLY like how natural the blush looks when applied. Even if you decide to forgo a full face of airbrush foundation – I would recommend the airbrush blush for natural rosy cheeks.

And to complete things, you can go over your entire face with the matte product to finish it off.

5. Overall Thoughts

At first, I thought that airbrush makeup was going to be a lot of equipment and just overall more of a hassle than anything else – besides coating my bathroom in a film of makeup. But guys, I was wrong. The bathroom remained pretty much spotless, it was easy to use and clean and the process was way quicker than I thought it would be. Dare I say it took less time for me to use the machine than my normal foundation and concealer? I wasn’t timing it, but it was a pretty effortless process nonetheless. 

But perhaps more importantly, my foundation and overall skin looked much more flawless and dewy than it normally does with my every-day makeup combo – which was exactly what I was trying to achieve. Now I just need to try their eyeshadow products!

The Luminess Air machine itself is not very big at all, so I didn’t have any problem with storage under the sink. I keep it in the box with the instruction manual handy, and whenever I feel like I need a little more than my everyday makeup, it’s super easy to setup really quickly. I’m actually pretty excited to keep trying new ways to contour and layer the colors – be prepared for the artsy side of you to come out. I feel like I’ve just tapped into my airbrush potential!

Keep in mind that airbrush makeup may not be the answer for everyone. Make sure that you are aware of the prices of the different models and that you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons just like you would any other beauty device. Take note of any refunds or return policies especially since this is a product that is used very specifically for beauty purposes which might render it unable to be returned. 

Thank you to Luminess Air for helping me team up for this tutorial 

and for allowing me to experience their product system first-hand!

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