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Luxury Summer Staples on My Wishlist

There’s no denying the temps are high and here to stay for the next few months. Which also means, it’s time to take inventory of my closet. Think light fabrics, flowy layers, and anything that will help me survive living through summertime in the South. Every season has it’s mandatory must-have items, so I am starting to think about what’s on my own list – and if I should add few luxury summer staples while I’m at it.

Of course, I will always have to have my go-to maxi dresses and easy breezy rompers and mini dresses. (I mean we all know I love a closet full of dresses, right?) But, there are few current fashion trends that are hard to miss and have me considering making some higher-end wardrobe additions. So what’s on my list? Let’s get to it – I’m talking mini bags, classic one piece swimsuits and buckled slides in today’s post!

luxury summer staples

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The Mini Bag

When temperatures get higher, the amount of clothing gets smaller – apparently that’s also the case with handbags nowadays. Mini bags are literally everywhere, and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon. As a mom that carries a million things in her Mary Poppins bag, this trend didn’t seem all that practical to me at first. BUT I’m not gonna lie, these candy-colored bags are definitely growing on me the more I see them on my favorite Instagram accounts. (“Influencers” get influenced too, y’all!) Sure I may only be able to fit my phone and one lipgloss inside, but that’s really all you need for date night right? Here are a few of my favorites:

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag | Audette Mini Nuit Bag | By Far Mini Amira Bag

Marni Tropicalia Bag | Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

You can also see a recent post about my designer handbag wishlist HERE

The Classic One Piece

As a blogger/influencer, I’ve purchased a lot of swimwear over the last few years. A LOT. And I’m realizing now that I have kids who love the pool – the swimwear I have is just not very practical to wear while on mom duty. The swimsuit styles that I’ve been reaching for the most are my basic, comfortable one pieces. I have one or two higher-quality suits that are more condusive to pool days with little ones. However, I’ve been over-wearing them, and I now need at least one more to add into the mix. Here are a few brands that I’ve found that look like the perfect swimwear for family pool days while still being stylish:

ERES swimwear | Max Mara Esule swimsuit | Fendi Logo swimsuit

Isabel Marant Symis swimsuit | Zimmerman Andie swimsuit

Chunky Slip-On Sandals

The return of the Birkenstock really started a few years ago. We saw some lookalike versions start popping up. In fact, I’ve got some completely rubber versions that I wear anytime I go to the pool because they’re so easy. But now it seems like other brands even high-end designers are jumping on the buckled slide trend – and even giving it their own twist. And look, I’m all about a slip-on shoe. (I even have some slip-on, backless sneakers.) So here are a few designer options that I think are fun – clear jellies and iridescent leather included!

Balenciaga Clear Platforms | Isabel Marant Lennyo | Alexander McQueen Sandales

Are you adding any summer staples into the mix this year, and if so what are you eyeing and should I do another round-up of items? Maybe caftans and swim coverups since I definitely have my eye on those as well!

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  • Reply Holly

    I totally agree with you. Mini bags are so handy and so important now a days. I hate to carry my phone in my hand, Just for this, I have bought so many bags in different colors and they made my life easy lol. One piece and sandals are the summers essential and it is difficult to survive without them.

    June 8, 2022 at 3:47 pm
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