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Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

I don’t normally post too many makeup tutorials because over the years, I’ve more or less figured out what I do and don’t like and what I like to wear on a daily basis. For example, I love a good powder and a good gloss – I’m obsessed with gloss. But every now and then, there is a product line that’s gotten so much attention that I feel like I need to see what all the hype is about. Such is the case with Make Up For Ever  and their line of HD foundations made specifically to be flawless in person and in front of a lens? I decided to find out for myself since I’m on camera a lot for APoL!

I tried out several of the newest Make Up For Ever products in their Ultra HD line as well as a mattifying primer and a plexi-gloss. See below for an overview of the products + a full review:

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Step 1 Mattifying Primer
This product really did instantly create a matte finish on my skin. My face had been freshly washed and dried – which I thought was the matte-est it could possibly be. Wrong. There was a complete difference between the before and after use of this product!

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
When I think foundation, I think heavy liquid, but this one is actually super light and blended really easily. I don’t wear foundation normally, but this one goes on more like a light liquid coverup that evened out my skin tone. It really is very hard to detect on the skin, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup – but the coverage is definitely there. I was able to just blend in with my fingers for a light and natural finish. This would be the perfect foundation for me to wear for daytime.

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
This was the thicker product that the previously mentioned foundation. This giant smudge stick offers more coverage but still blends pretty easily with circular motions. So you could use it as a foundation, or it’s suggested to be used as a contouring product. If you grabbed this product in a few shades darker than your skin tone, it would be the ultimate contouring helper since it’s easy to blend! This stick would also work really well with a beauty sponge.

HD Microfinish Powder 
UM this powder is legit when used over the previous two foundations. It made my face feel like super soft velvet and completely softened the appearance of the skin. My skin looked dewy and flawless – a flawless that Beyonce would be proud of. It was kind of an oh-my-gosh-this-product-is-awesome moment. But I’m also obsessed with powders like I mentioned at the beginning of this post. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner, so I’m thinking that basically everyone else had the same reaction to this powder as I had!

They’re totally not playing around when they say this will give you high-gloss shine for hours. I have a TON of glosses, but this one is by far the most light reflective – almost like your lips are actually coated like plexi-glass. With this effect does come the fact that this gloss is a little thicker than others. Since I’m a gloss addict, I actually didn’t mind the thickness or what some call stickiness to it. With something named plexi-gloss, it’s definitely going to be thicker on your lips. Probably not a product for everyday use, but for special occasions when you want your lips to pop – it will definitely get the job done!

Any questions about any of the above products? Shoot me an email to [email protected]!

Thank you to Make Up For Ever for supplying the products for this review – all thoughts are all my own!

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