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Cheers to this Holiday Champagne Cocktail!

Holiday celebrations always call for lots of toasts, so you definitely need a holiday cocktail that’s worth cheers-ing with, right? So when Mike’s Hard Lemonade challenged me to incorporate their new Glacier Berry flavor into my holiday party planning, I knew I would be up for a little cocktail experimenting. No surprise, I’m a girl who likes to cheers with champagne, so I thought it would be festive to come up with a little twist on the ordinary glass of champs this year. I love my mimosas, but I also like to top my bubbles off with chambord (Kir Royale) and even cranberry juice (Pointsetta). So that got me thinking – why can’t I top my champagne off with Mike’s too? 

Glacier Berry is made up of different berry flavors, and it just so happens that berries of all types are my absolute favorite. (Just ask Jordan – when it comes to dessert, I’d rather order the berries and cream than the bread pudding – drives him nuts!) Mike’s is carbonated, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your bubbly fizz and by pouring just a little into your glass, you have a little burst of berry flavor too. I’m also now considering using Glacier Berry in some of my next baking adventures! Remember my Thanksgiving bread pudding success? I’m thinking Glacier Berry would make an amazing pound cake.

But why limit yourself to one flavor, if you’re hosting a holiday or New Year’s Eve party, grab a flavor variety pack and invite your guest to mix their own fun cocktails with flavors like Blackberry Lemonade and Black Raspberry. I’m a big fan of the Black Cherry too!

Take a peek at our entryway all decked out as some New Year’s Eve party decorating inspiration!

Make sure to check out the purple triangle on the side of your Mike’s HL pack. Using the free Aurasma app, you can see short “Did You Know” content by holding your camera over the triangle!

Special thanks to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for sponsoring this fun and festive cocktail experiment and for allowing me to put together a little NYE inspiration!

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