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A Scent-imental Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

I’m back with another Mother’s Day gift idea, and this time, I’m introducing one of my favorite bath and body brands, Thymes. I can remember the first time I tried Thymes Fragrances – Jordan’s sister gave me a birthday present that included a bottle of their lotion. It was the most luxurious and indulgent smelling product. Not like most lotions in the way that it actually felt like I was doing more pampering to my skin than just applying lotion. And look how cute the packaging is!

Thymes Fragrances

Mother's Day with Thymes

Learn more about these exact Thymes Gifts and how to get your own free sample fragrance kit (includes 15 scents!) 
in today’s full post!

Thymes for Mother's Day

Thymes for Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Moms

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Since Mother’s Day is a chance to thank our mom’s for always taking care of us, it’s also an opportunity to give them a little pampering treatment for themselves. I decided to pick my favorite scents from the current Thymes collections to create the ultimate curated assortment of bath and body products for my own mom. 
The scents I chose range from Goldleaf Gardenia to Tupelo Lemongrass (my personal favorite) and serve as a customized and curated set of products that can be made into a fun gift basket!

I chose different scents for each different product to create a new experience for each product. I’m the type of person who needs to switch things up including my fragrance choices! Plus, I want to make sure my mom has a nice variety of options in order to find her very own favorite scent from the collection.

And what better way to create and give a fragrance gift than to be able to try out all of the scents yourself? Exclusively for this audience, Thymes will be offering a free Fragrance Studio Sample Kit (a sample set of 15 fragrances) with any purchase of $25 or more! A promo code will automatically be applied to orders that are clicked through this link: MOMSDAY15 or the image below.

Use it to test out each scent and customize a gift for your own mom!

This post is sponsored by Thymes, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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