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Movie Night Inspiration | Friday Favorites

Most Friday nights you can count on these two things happening: there will be wine in my hand and a Lifetime movie on the television. But since it’s Oscar weekend, I thought maybe I’d step it up a notch and put together an actual movie night spread. So, I teamed up with Toffifay to put my own spin on movie night inspiration for today’s Friday Favorites’ post! This was so fun because not only did I completely surprise myself with how well it came together, but now I’m thinking that I should do this sort of thing more often!

It literally took me no time at all to whip up everything you’ll see in today’s photos, and I’ve got some tips for how you can pull it off in your own home too. (Even if you don’t have a little helper like Odie.) Key Takeaway: I have basically learned that everyone’s weekend plans should include chocolate, wine and popcorn…

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Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration

Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration

1. Keep the Snacks Close

Snacks are seriously the most important part of any movie night whether you’re at home or at the movie theater! People always think of popcorn first, so I put made a chocolate and caramel covered version and also had a bucket of truffle popcorn on hand as well.

And while of course you need your popcorn, your candy choice is just as essential. I recently discovered Toffifay‘s combo of chewy caramel and creamy chocolate all bundled into one bite-size portion with a hazelnut in the center. (I dare you to eat just one you guys.) It’s the perfect size for snacking during your favorite flicks. Not to mention, they’re just so pretty that you might even want to leave them on display. How cute is that gold tray they are nestled in though!

Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration

2. #TreatYoSelf

Okay, some of you may prefer soft drinks for your movie nights, but I always reach for a glass of wine after a long week. And if it’s been really rough, I’ll reach for the champs. Good thing you’ve already nailed fancy popcorn and sophisticated chocolates to pair with your glass of bubbly or vino! Seriously – Toffifay and a glass of wine is like the ultimate treat to yourself!

Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration

3. Make It Cozy

This was an easy step for me because I am the blanket and pillow queen. Just ask Jordan who keeps asking me how we have so many blankets. I rounded up some comfy pillows and blankets from around the house. And of course, my snuggle buddy, Odie, is always on hand no matter how terrible of a movie I pick out.

Movie Night Party Inspiration Movie Night Party Inspiration

4. The Company Is More Important Than The Movie!

If you are planning a movie night with friends or an Oscar watch party, remember that the company you invite is always the best part! I always love discussing movies and tv shows with other people watching along too. I mean, the shows are always better when you can discuss – hello, The Bachelor is a prime example. Who doesn’t LOVE a good Bachelor or Real Housewives discussion, right?

Happy movie night planning and let me know if you have any tips for movie night inspiration!

Movie Night Party Inspiration

photos by Lainey Reed

wine and props c/o Francis Ford Coppola Wines

champagne and props c/o Piper-Heidsieck

Thank you to Toffifay for teaming up on today’s fun post! As always all styling and opinions are my own.

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