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My Raw Republic Juice Cleanse Experience

how I survived my first juice cleanse

all photos by Kaela Rodehorst Photography

I’m back with today’s second post! This morning was all about WHY I decided to reboot my health with a cleanse, and now I’m sharing photos from Raw Republic’s New Orleans location and commentary on my first juice cleanse experience! The first day was, in fact, the hardest, so I’m super glad I wrote notes out throughout that day to document exactly what was going on bottle-by-bottle.

See more location photos and read on in the full post…

how I survived my first juice cleanse

juice cleanse overview

Before I started this cleanse, I had no idea the work involved! It’s not just drinking juice. The juice must be prepared correctly using cold-pressed methods as to not lose the nutrients. You are also encouraged to dry brush your skin to assist in the cleansing process as well as take mineral salt baths to help the toxins leave your body through the epidermis. The whole journey has been so educational for me! I’ve even picked up dry brushing as a normal habit and have been doing it once or twice daily even after the cleanse ended. Thank you, thank you to Sheena of Raw Republic for this greatly insightful experience! I’ll actually be going back to Raw Republic this weekend to pick up a second set of juices (not for a cleanse, but to integrate into my everyday meals)!

And now for my candidly documented cleansing…

Day 1

Today is Day 1 of my first ever juice cleanse. I’m writing this while sprawled across my couch because I only have the energy to lay here. I bet you thought that doesn’t require energy, but I’m now pretty certain it does. So, I hope I can read my handwriting when it’s time to write this… let me start at the beginning.

Bottle 1 – Daily Detox  I’ve had this lemon cayenne concoction before, so I knew exactly what to expect with this one. I drink it pretty regularly, so my day proceeds as normal from here.

Bottle 2 – Green Smoothie  I’ll be honest, I expected this to be absolutely horrible. I actually liked it and drank the entire bottle like no big deal. Maybe this juice thing isn’t so bad. 

Bottle 3 – Snack  It’s now lunch time, and my stomach knows it. This bottle says “snack,” and while it’s a pretty good cinnamon almond milk, I’m craving my real snacks. In my snack drawer. Someone in the office has popped a bag of popcorn, and I feel inclined to find them and punch them in the face. I never realized how many times I reach for my snack drawer. 

Bottle 4 – Big Green  Another green bottle, another assumption that this will result in something gross. Again, I’m pleasantly surprised. Or maybe my tastebuds are starting to be affected? I didn’t quite finish this one though. By the time the workday is over, I have about half of it left and am just excited to go home. 

Bottle 5 – Purple Drank  I am home and I am HANGRY. I also know why there was a tongue scraper in my cleanse kit. Mine feels like it needs to be scraped. I give up on this one almost immediately. Not because the of the juice though, I’m just being dramatic about not having food all day.

Bottle 6 – Big Orange This bottle is magnificently orange or my eyes are under cleanse hypnosis. First thoughts – carrots. I hate carrot juice. This cannot be good. Big Orange is surprisingly okay though. Even Jordan tries a swig and says he likes it. I think it’s best for me to go to bed without giving myself the opportunity to see him eat dinner. 

Day 2

Day 2 is SO much easier than yesterday. It’s Saturday, so I can stay home and not see my coworkers walk by with their popcorn bags or candy. I don’t have the temptation of being surrounded by multiple snack drawers. Plus, our pantry is a barren wasteland right now. I can keep physically busy around the house to keep my mind off of food. Day two is a breeze! I’m feeling super confident and even went out to dinner with friends and brought my juice with me. I think I might have even said that I felt like I could juice forever. This must be that period of time they talk about where you feel really great during the cleanse. I don’t need food!

Day 3

I need food. My sister is in town and suggested brunch. We went to our favorite brunch spot – me with juices in hand. She ordered some egg masterpiece, and I ordered a glass of orange juice and a glass of grapefruit juice to have in addition to my bottle of green smoothie. The waiter thinks I’m a psychopath. Do I have a crazy look in my eyes? Maybe. It’s also Oscar night, and everyone is on social media posting snacks and champagne and other food posts… Almost there though. I’ve come way to far to mess it up now. And just reminding myself of that gives me another boost of confidence to drink my bottle of beet red juice before heading to bed. 

In review, was it hard? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’d say getting past Day 1 without sneaking a snack or two is the most difficult part. Once you get past that first day, you’re too invested and proud of yourself for making it that full day. Your confidence in cleanse success will really help you make it through Day 2. Day 3 will be difficult but knowing it’s your last day is a what will help you be successful. 

Some tips that I would suggest for those considering a juice cleanse:

Do NOT have anything big planned for the days you cleanse. My mind was a tad foggy without my coffee, and there are times during the second and third day when I just wanted to take naps. Not having any big plans over the weekend was super helpful because I didn’t have any pressure to tackle any big projects. Do NOT plan on seeing very many people while you are cleansing. I was super moody and anyone questioning me about my cleanse was in the line of fire (mostly Jordan). Do talk to your significant other before you start. Jordan had strict instructions about not eating in front of me. Do your research about how to prepare for the cleanse and how to eat right after the cleanse. You can’t dive back into burgers and pizza without totally doing a number on your insides!

Sheena from Raw Republic provided me with a detailed information sheet outlining my personal cleanse, how to prepare and what to expect which really helped me create a realistic view of my cleanse. If you are considering a juice cleanse, I would definitely give Raw Republic my full recommendation!

If you have any further questions or cleanse stories? Email me! [email protected]

You can also head over to Haute Off the Rack to get more on Raw Republic + her juicing tips!

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