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My Top Five Designer Handbag Wishlist

It may be the glamorous holiday dresses I’m eyeing or all the Selling Sunset episodes I’ve been watching lately, but I’ve started mentally assembling my very own designer handbag wish list for Christmas. Scrolling through sparkly shoes and luxe handbags has become a serious weakness. Not to mention – there are so many tempting new pieces that I don’t have in my closet yet.

So where do I start? When I think about making a new designer purchase, I think about it in terms of investment. Which designers and pieces will hold their value – or even go up in value. It’s crazy to think how some of my handbags have actually increased in value over the last two years. For this reason, I generally tend to purchase designer bags as they prove to be smart investments in terms of resale.

designer handbag wishlist

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On my current wishlist, I narrowed it down to five bags that I’m really into right now that seem to have a lot of staying power. These are my top picks of the moment in case you’re also looking into investment-worthy pieces to splurge!


If you follow any of the major fashion influencers on Instagram (I stan @leoniehanne), the Balenciaga Top Handle bag is one of their go-to outfit accessories. While I never got on board with the brand’s chunky dad sneaker trend, there’s something about the top handle bag that just gives any outfit a cool factor. I love the angles and the B flap closure, and I actually prefer the shape of it in the size XS and S best – which, of course, helps with the overall cost.

Bottega Veneta 

Hands down my favorite bag in 2021 – the Bottega Veneta Padded Chain Cassette. The woven leather, the oversized chain links – it’s SO good. And it’s an instant outfit upgrade. Hardest part is picking which color is my favorite – I love all the neutral leather options against the gold chain.

Side note: I do think the oversized chain makes this a more elevated bag option – better suited for dressier looks. The regular Cassette has a leather crossbody strap which is still just as chic and perfect for every day wear.


I’m not usually one for giant brand names on bags, but there’s something about the simplicity of the Celine Horizontal Canvas bags that I think is so timeless.

However, I go back and forth on designer canvas bags because for the price, I could spend the same amount on a really nice leather bag. I’m also just really terrified of getting the canvas dirty beyond any chance of cleaning or restoration. (Literally visions of my kids flinging chocolate pudding onto it are enough to make me sweat.)


I’ve never been a Fendi girl before this year, but I’m loving it now. More specifically, I’m loving the iconic Baguette bag with the embossed leather FF logos. Actually anything with the embossed leather FF logos. I love the texture that it adds to all the different styles from bucket bag to mini backpack!


Confession time. I used to think the tiny Chiquito Jacquemus bag was so unrealistic. Then I had my second child and now carry the equivalent of a carry-on bag with me everywhere I go, so the idea of walking around freely with just a tiny bag the size of a cough drop is – such a dream. I literally dream of the day I can walk around with just a chapstick, a credit card and my phone. (sigh) Ps. This is also the brand I would definitely get in a FUN color. Like hot pink or lavender. 

What do you think? Did any of these bags make it on your list too? Any that you already have? Would love to hear what you guys have on your designer wishlist right now!

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  • Reply Miranda

    I can’t resist crossshoulder bags, the white one you shared is so amazing.

    December 22, 2021 at 10:20 pm
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    These are amazing piece of art. Thanks for sharing with us such a lovely blog.

    March 9, 2022 at 4:07 am
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