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Nordstrom Summer Packing Must-Haves

Boy, have I ever learned the importance of light packing
this week! If you didn’t catch any of my snaps or Instagram posts earlier in
the week about the special packing requirements for Key West, I’ll quickly
catch you up to speed on why I’m sharing my Top 5 Travel Essentials with
Nordstrom today!

We arrived at the Delta counter early on Tuesday only to be
told that we were only allowed to check one bag a piece because our connecting
flight to Key West was a very small plane. I usually check a large bag and
bring my rolling carry-on to have the choice to either check it or bring it on
the plane with me. In this specific instance, I was told that even my carry-on
was too large to board the plane. And poor Jenn, she had two huge suitcases
(hello four day trip?) with no chance of consolidating into just one. Delta
profusely apologized and booked us on the following flight the next day. SO in
a little under 24 hours, I had to drive back to Baton Rouge from New Orleans,
unpack, repack and decide what was completely necessary and what was not.

Practicality and versatility were key, and I quickly learned
what was actually essential to the trip, and what I was packing just because I
was either indecisive or because I had the luxury of a second bag. So, I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom to help me with today’s post, since it’s my go-to online retailer for finding ALL of the best travel products in one spot! I’ve picked a range of on-trend and on-budget items in today’s very thorough packing post – and everything can be found right on

Wanna see my Top 5 Nordstrom packing must-haves in action? Ps. Who is ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? I’m already busy planning and partnering with brands to show you the very best picks from the sale FIRST, so get excited!!


No way was I leaving without my Ray-Ban sunglasses this trip. They are the most versatile-work-with-everything accessory that I
have, and not only that, they’re the only accessory that are really necessary
on a vacation. I have been wanting the all-black dark lens Ray-Bans for a while
now, and I finally decided that I needed them this summer for ease of seamless
outfit changes. No fuss in coordinating sunglasses with outfits!


Lightweight Tops

Cotton tees and tanks roll up SO small in
your suitcase and end up saving you lots of room for other vital items – like
that portable steamer I never leave home without. My recent favorites that go
with everything are this criss-cross tee and this strappy tank in today’s post.



I wasn’t happy about it, but I had to leave
a few skirts and dresses at home to instead go with the shorts that I knew I’d
be wearing while exploring Key West.  We
have daily bike rentals, so I needed to maximize the packing space with pieces
that allowed me to ride the bikes to explore!



This is actually slightly embarrassing to
say, but when I unpacked my large suitcase in preparation to re-pack it, I
realized that I had 4 different pairs of neutral sandals, 3 pairs of heels and
one pair of colorful sandals. Once I started throwing them in the suitcase, I’d
forget which ones were already in there. And since I had already eliminated
most of the dresses and skirts, I was easily able to nix the heels and nix some
of the non-bike-friendly sandals.



What you can’t visually see in the photos
is one of the more important things that I packed with me – a little SPF and my
go-to self-tanner. Little known fact, I DO NOT sit in the sun without major
SPF, and the only tan that I ever really have is with a self-tanner! I swear by
THIS express self-tanner used with THIS self-tanning mit. I also use a variety
of suncare products including Supergoop which has smells amazing and
has some really innovative product lines. Check out Supergoop’s makeup setting spraywith 50SPF.


I hope today’s post teaches me a valuable
packing lesson! I guess we will find out in one short week when Jordan and I
visit Cape Cod for the 4th of July… and I hope that it’s in the forefront
of your mind to pack with intention next time you pack! J

Thank you  to Nordstrom, one of my favorite brands, for teaming up on today’s post!

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    I love your shorts picks!! Great post 🙂

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