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Nordstrom’s Sale on Neulash + More Beauty Products on Sale

I’ve already covered a lot of great deals in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but one
area that I haven’t covered yet – the BEAUTYproducts on sale. There are lots of great product bundles and savings to
take advantage of including some of my favorites – including the products that
I currently use for my eyelashes!

For about two months now, I’ve been using Neulash eyelash serum along my lash
line and have already noticed a big difference. (Results can take anywhere from
2 weeks to 6 months.) If you saw my Snapchat talking about this, you got to see
me with one eye of mascara on vs. none at all and the HUGE difference between
the two.

Before Primer or Mascara

Right now in the Nordstromsale, you can get TWO Neulash serums for the price of one. You essentially
save $100. (Go in with a friend and split it!) 
Because I already have the lash serum, I decided to try out Neubrow
which is also on sale for two-for-one. I’ve
noticed that my eyebrows are thinning out – I think it’s from using eyebrow
pencils so often? So hopefully, it works just as well as the lash serum – will
update you guys on this.

The directions on Neulash
say to use it before bed at night, but I actually put it on in the morning
first thing. My eyes are super sensitive, and sometimes when I put on the serum
at night, my eyes will get itchy. I’ve noticed that they are less irritated if
I apply in the morning. You just apply it on your lash line as you would an
eyeliner. The Neubrow is applied in a similar way, and then you comb it through
with a brush on the end of the wand.

Added length and curl from primer and mascara

Next step for mega lashes? I have started using a primer
before applying my mascara. I’ve used the MAClash primer before and loved it, but I am now trying the Lancome version, and there’s something about the brush that’s amazing. There is currently a Lancome mascara set in the Nordstrom sale that includes multiple Lancome mascaras
and the Cils Booster XL mascara base. The Lancome mascaras are definitely worth
trying out in this set. (I’m currently using the Grandiose mascara.)

Other items I recommend in the beauty part of the NordstromAnniversary sale:

The PMD personal microderm device – I use my PMD once a week. I like to use it on Sunday’s
when I can take the time to really use it thoroughly and follow up with my skin
products. Plus, I feel like I’m starting the week off with a fresh face!

If you’re unfamiliar with the PMD, it basically sucks and
sloughs off all of the dead skin on your face using suction and a tiny abrasive
disc. (Sounds way scarier than it is!) I started off using the most sensitive
disc in the set and eventually worked my way up into the discs. It’s the
closest you will get to a microdermabrasion at home. LOVE mine! If you guys are interested in a full blog post about the PMD, let me know – there’s a lot more to talk about on this one!

Clarisonic on Sale
– I have both the Clarisonic Mia and
the Clarisonic Mia Fit, and now that
I’ve used both, I’m partial to the Mia Fit. It takes up less space in your
shower and it’s got multiple speed options. It’s also so much easier to pack
and travel with. Purely based on personal preference which style you like most,
BUT washing my face with a Clarsonic is what I consider one of the most
important parts of my skincare routine.

See more of my favorite Nordstrom Beauty Sale items below with commentary!

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