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Our Living and Dining Room BEFORE & AFTER

If you have been following along on Instagram, then you’ve likely seen in my Stories that we’ve had quite a few home improvement projects going on since last summer! One of the biggest ones on my list has been updating our living and dining room spaces that just seemed a little out-of-date and uninspiring. (Especially since I work from our dining room table most days to get out of my smaller office room!) But, I can’t take all the credit – I had the help of a full-time designer from a local Baton Rouge home decor store, LD Linens & Decor, to help me make some of the big decisions! I’m finally sharing some of our living and dining room before and after photos in today’s + tips on how to work with an interior designer in today’s post.

Keep Reading Living and Dining Room Before & After

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

Dining Room

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

Erica Moffatt is the interior designer at LD Linens and Decor‘s design center where she specializes in fabric, trim wallpaper, and other elements related to design. This includes anything from new construction and renovation to anything in the home like window treatments, upholstered furniture, linens (bedding, nursery and crib), pillows, wallpaper, and lighting. To get started, she came to our home to help me plan and visualize how big of an impact custom drapery alone would make in our space. 

The first area I really wanted to address was the dining window right when you walk into the house.

See the photos below: BEFORE is on Left | AFTER is on Right

The window treatment on the right was too busy and chunky for this space. Instead of bringing your eye to all of the beautiful natural light, you eyes hop around all of the different details – the pom trim, the chunky hardware, the cluttered bar cart, the colors and patterns on the bar cart etc. We raised the chose thin gold hardware and significantly raised it higher onto the wall. We went from an ivory color fabric to a white that blends seamlessly with the wall paint. Now the leopard print rug (also available at LD Linens) and art work really pop in this space like they were meant to!

Living Room

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

Where do I start?! There were so many things that I wanted to swap out in our living room as you’ll see in the series of Before and After photos below!

BEFORE is on Left | AFTER is on Right

One simple but HUGE change we made in the living room was bringing in the custom drapery. We chose the exact same window treatments as the dining window – thinner hardware, white fabric, lifting it significantly higher on the wall. We also went from four narrow curtain panels to two wide panels to prevent a choppy effect across the back wall. We also swapped the roman shade out to match the new curtains. Instead of black, heavy trim, we chose a subtle Greek key pattern. We also decluttered the mismatched patterns and colors on the side table much like we did with the bar cart in the dining area.

First Image is BEFORE | Second Image is AFTER

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

Above, you’ll see the major differences in the living room! In addition to the custom drapery and hardware, Erica gave me a consultation on which pieces were working in the space and ideas for custom artwork. Right off the bat, she pointed out the black armoire and how it really closed in the space making it feel smaller. She told me to look for something with a lighter wood finish, and she was 100% right about how it really opened things up! 

My Exact Drapery Information

Linen Cotton Blend Drapes: Swan White with two-finger French pleat

Backed with standard lining for weight for the proper drape and fall (blackout also available)

Drapery Hardware: Antique French replica rod with matching rings in antique gold finish

Roman Shade: Same Fabric to coordinate

A classic Greek key trim was added for dimension and detail

* Every potential client at LD Linens & Decor receives a complimentary first-time 30-minute appointment to discuss design needs specific to the elements in their home with Erica. For a small charge, she can schedule an in-home visit to see the space, get measurements for window treatments, and discuss other design projects.

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

LD Linens & Decor

What’s amazing about LD Linens is that they carry all fabric samples and hardware in-store for you to see, touch, feel and take home with you. (I loved how visual and hand-on this made our drapery process.) This really gives each potential client the opportunity to know what to expect before ordering. They also carry 5 different upholstery lines including it’s own line, Josephine, for custom bedding, shower curtains and baby bedding. LD is also known for its variety of local art and decor vendors.

You can truly furnish your entire home in-store – from rugs, furniture, lighting and curtains down to the smaller accessories like lamps, coffee table books, and serving ware. There’s a special bedding and pillow space on-site with custom luxury linens. Also recently added is the exclusive matte decorative paint line, Jolie Home. Not to mention, I recently picked up the CUTEST animal print flats from their apparel section that also carries pajamas and other self-care items! (I told you there is literally everything!)

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

Tips to Working with an Interior Designer

If you are interested or curious about working with an interior designer, I asked Erica a few questions that might give you a clearer picture of the process!

  1. Always go into a design consultation knowing which spaces in your home need help as well as a priority list and timeline. Have a list of what you actually need vs. a list of what you want – sometimes they are not the same things!

2. If you bring in photos, narrow it down to only THREE of your favorite photos from Pinterest that you keep going back to. One of the worst things a client can do is continuously look at photos of new construction and design. To avoid confusion – pick your top three and don’t stray from those.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different elements and be bold. Pick a designer who has previous work using textiles, fabrics, trims, and textures that you know will enhance your space.

How much does it cost? 

Instead of asking for a budget, Erica will give a clear cost estimate to decorate a space to the client’s expectations. Trusting in a designer, can actually end up saving you money in the long run. They have their own vendors because they go to market. If you trust them to utilize these types of resources, they can design a space for you efficiently with a quicker time frame.

Why hire a designer?

Hiring a professional relieves the stress of decision-making.

A designer can make the process of renovating/redecorating more enjoyable and faster.

A one-on-one “see, touch, feel” experience you don’t get with online shopping.

Expertise and advice that will help you pull your space together later too.

BEFORE is on left | AFTER is on right

Thanks to LD Linens & Decor on partnering up on on this post! All of the opinions are my own. 

To inquire about design experience or to make an appointment: 

LD Linens: 225-246-2671 | Email: [email protected] 

photos by Lainey Reed

Living and Dining Room Before and After | How to Work with an Interior Designer

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