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    Mixed Prints

    Shirt and heels by Prabal Gurung for Target; skirt (no longer available) (similar here); aqua charm bracelet (c/o) Persona; Seasonal Whispers stackable bracelets (a gift)(similar here); spike bracelet (c/o) Accessory Auctions; Michael Kors watch.

    I’m not completely sure why, but I held off on buying from the last Target designer collaboration, Prabal Gurung. Maybe it’s because I still had a bad taste in my mouth from the collaboration with Missoni that shut down the Target site for like an entire day leaving me with zero pieces of Missoni (blah). But on my last trip while looking for pieces from the Threshold home collection, I spotted Prabal Gurung on the SALE racks. I was partly shocked and partly about to break into a victory dance. I’m pretty sure I immediately tossed this shirt and pair of shoes in my cart without a second thought. And good thing I did… these shoes are going to be with me all spring/summer long.

    Another thing that will be with me – bracelet mixing. Over the last year, I’ve acquired quite the collection with one noticeable trend – they’re almost all gold. Time for me to mix in some new colors and textures. This aqua/mint double-wrap bracelet from Persona is going to be an integral part of bracelet stacking in the next few months. Something fun to add about these bracelets – Persona has an entire collection of charms, jewels and beads that you can add to each bracelet making each one very personal and unique.

    Plus, I’ve got to find a new go-to bracelet to replace my vintage initial bracelet that’s been worn on my left wrist for over a year… it fell off a couple of weeks and has been missing ever since (tear).

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    Lovely Favorites

    Getting to Know: Stephanie Sterjovski

    I’m altering the Getting to Know features a little bit to pack in more photographs. I felt like maybe you weren’t getting to see enough of the featured bloggers, so here you go!

    I stumbled across Stephanie Sterjovski‘s work on Instagram of all places and felt the need to delve a bit deeper into her story. What I found was a mountain of creativity (I was so inspired by it and hope it inspires you too). In fact, you’ve probably seen some of her work before from her print shop aptly named SS Print Shop. Inside you will find witty and gorgeous prints including a black and white series (one pictured above) and a wedding series (pictured below). I was super lucky that Steph took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my burning questions!

    1. It’s evident in your prints that you’re a typography lover! How long have you been interested in type and fonts? 

    I have always been attracted to a
    good font, it probably started when I was a little girl and would judge a book
    by its cover. If it wasn’t pretty I would skip right by it, haha. I have always
    loved branding and it’s what has pulled me in to many of my consumer decisions.

    2. You’ve also started your own photography business – how do you juggle your two creative businesses so successfully?

    I don’t bite off more than I can chew! School, the print
    shop and my blog has been my main focus, and photography has been a weekend
    hobby. Being based in Toronto has its upside (or downside I suppose), because
    photography slows down here in the winter, which gives me more time to work on
    my other projects. I make sure to never fill up my calendar to the point where
    I am extremely overwhelmed (a little overwhelmed is okay though! I love staying

    3. Your creativity seems to flow into every aspect of your life – where do you go for inspiration?

    I’d say it comes from not sitting on the couch! I like to
    get out and do things, see people, and immerse myself in the world around me. I
    love being at home don’t get me wrong, but am most inspired when I am out and
    about, or travelling. I have so many areas of interest, and they really play off
    each other to leave a well-rounded impression on me.

    4. What has been the most exciting moment of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

    The most exciting entrepreneurial journey so far has to be
    my print shop. I opened it wanting to share my heart, in hopes to have a little
    piece of me in people’s homes and it has grown in ways I had only dreamed of. I
    feel truly blessed for my little shop. 

    5. Do you have an important lesson that you’ve learned along that way that you’d want to share with other creatives?

    I guess the most important to date is to just do what you
    love, do it with the best intentions and people will notice. I find that a lot
    of people are concerned with gaining popularity, traffic etc. more than they
    are concerned with the craft they are doing and how they treat people.

    I’m currently trying to decide which print I’m going to add to wall, but want like every single one, haha.  How great are they?!

    Find more on Steph on her BLOG, PRINT SHOP, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

    Special thanks to Stephanie for the images and her candid and sincere answers! Definitely something to be said about her answer to number 5!! 

    Lovely Favorites

    NOLAFW Shop Your City Recap!


    Wow, where do I even begin – I had no idea what to expect on Shop Your City Day. I knew there would be lots of hospitality and great boutiques to visit, but I never could have guessed how wonderful the whole experience would be! Let me give you the hour-by-hour rundown:

    9:00 am (okay more like 9:15 bc I’m always late)
    Jennifer from Haute Off the Rack and I met up at the Paris Parker Salon on Prytania where the talented staff helped get us prepped and ready for the rest of our day. Lots of thanks and hugs to Meagan Fairley for my blowout and waves! A quick photo snapped, and we’re ready to go!

    11:00 am
    We arrived to Hattie Sparks immediately greeted with much-needed mimosas from Hattie, Kim from eat.sleep.wear. and a table of Kim’s personal picks from the store (including the most amazing Camilyn Beth blazer). Kim, like me, is also a graphic designer, so we had an opportunity to talk about her path from graphic design to blogger fame. Completely down-to-earth and so, so pretty (and stylish, of course) in person.

    Andi and Lauren were also there to help us pick our next stops and give us some insight into the rest of the week’s Nola Fashion Week events. I can’t say enough about these two ladies and how much I appreciate them including us in Shop Your City Day!

    11:30 am
    Helena of Brooklyn Blonde arrived to the store in the chicest pink coat, black leather skinnies and Jimmy Choo pumps. Her fiance (who also takes her photos) was there to give me and Jenn some photo advice/suggestions on how to work with photographers for blogging purposes. Definitely had me thinking for future possibilities.

    12:30 pm
    Jenn and I left Hattie Sparks and rounded the corner to Angelique Boutique on Maple. I gushed over the spring shoe inventory, tried on a pretty fabulous, floppy hat and… somehow made it out of there without spending any money. Success!

    1:30 pm
    Realized that I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet, but thankfully, our next stop was on Magazine where there were plenty of food options. We settled on Salu about two blocks from Loft 3H, and NOLAFW’s official photographer Tate Tullier stopped in to get a few snapshots of us out and about. A giant flatbread, a couple of crab cakes and a slider later, we’re refueled and ready to hit Magazine.

    2:30 pm
    We arrived on foot to Loft 3H, a cute little store that also has a Baton Rouge location. After perusing through the racks of new, spring clothing and a table full of pretty jewels, I talked a little bit with the owner who gave some insight on how he makes two boutiques in an over-saturated market work – something I’d never given much thought to before but in theory, also applies to the world of blogging.

    3:30 pm
    Jenn and I pulled up in front of Total Woman boutique for the  David Peck of Crop by David Peck for a spring trunk show. Snacks and drinks were served, and guests could meet the up-and-coming designer and see his pieces in person. He told us that his spring prints were inspired by childhood stories and encyclopedia illustrations which I thought was really interesting. David’s collection for spring is not only thoughtful in concept but thoughtful in textures. The silks and metallic-woven fabrics were amazing! So glad that I was able to meet and talk with David about his new pieces. Expect to be seeing and hearing more from this designer for sure.

    4:45 pm
    We zipped back over to Paris Parker to get my car. Jenn and I both had wedding/couples shower activities that we had to get to!

    Recapping the day, I realize how much it was truly a whirlwind – one of those situations where I was so caught up in the moment that I later stepped back and thought “wow, that really happened.” Meeting two of the bloggers who serve as serious inspiration to my own blog. one amazing fashion designer and several of New Orleans’ best boutique owners – pretty major day for me and one that I won’t soon forget. A HUGE thanks to everyone that was involved in Shop Your City Day!!

    And starting tomorrow… NOLAFW runway coverage starts. 🙂

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    NOLAFW Shop Your City Day w/ APOL & HOTR

    Your regularly scheduled outfit post has been postponed (until lunchtime, no big deal!) because I’m so very excited to announce what’s happening on Saturday! Um hello, it’s Shop Your City day aka the first day of NOLAFW, and Jennifer from Haute Off the Rack and I will be live tweeting/instagram-ing as we hop along the participating stores together (I actually like to envision us skipping not hopping, but you get it). 

    NOLAFW‘s Shop Your City Day – Support local retailers, brands and boutiques by participating this day-long shopping extravaganza that includes in-store appearances by some of your favorite fashion bloggers, designers and more! Take advantage of special sales just for NOLAFW supporters and enjoy cocktails, sweet treats and snacks all day long! Shop Local! Shop Often! Support NOLAFW!

    Keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram – @krystalbennett @hauteofftherack  to see where we go, who we see along the way and our favorite picks from local New Orleans boutiques (and meet us there if you wanna)! And since we’ll be all tech-ed out, we’ll also be using hashtags – #AHautePinch #shopNOLAFW – if you want to get in on the convo! 

    Stores supporting NOLAFW:

    Hattie Sparks


    Life Boutique



    Angelique Baby

    Angelique Shoe

    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Revival Outpost

    Paris Parker



    Hope to see some of you out there! 

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    Flamingo Fancy

    1 / 2 / 3

    4 / 5 / 6

    7 / 8 / 9

    I planned this Etsy post with much excitement – tomorrow is the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade in Baton Rouge. The entire parade is themed around pink flamingos, and it’s my first time getting to attend since I’m normally in New Orleans for Endymion. I’m really ridiculously excited. I mean, they throw PINK BEADS.

    In case you’re wondering- yes, I will be wearing something on my head. All big events call for a headpiece in my book. 🙂