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    NYC in Instagrams

    In case you don’t follow along on Instagram (username: kbenne6), here’s a rundown of my recent New York trip in photographs. I’m proud to say I did EVERYTHING on my list of things to do in Manhattan.

    1. The first stop was Lauderée where I picked up 6 macarons and ate them ALL in the same day. Went back to get more, and the line was all the way down the street. (tear)
    2. 230 Fifth is an outdoor hangout at the top of a hotel. Think full drink menu with lots of bar food. Has the most spectacular view over the city at sunset.
    3. Found pillow fabric at Mood, found chain and buttons at MJ Trim. Lots of projects coming up!
    4. I literally got off the subway and ran into the C.Wonder store. Snapped a pic of some DIY-worthy rope bracelets. This store is awesome btw.
    5. At the top of Bergdorf’s sits BG, a small restaurant that overlooks The Plaza Hotel. It’s somewhat hidden on the 7th floor, probably for good reason. The menu had lots of fun champagne drinks that we had to try out.
    6. Beekman’s Beer Garden is on Pier 17 inside the South Street Seaport. It’s like a tiny plot of beach right beside the Brooklyn Bridge.
    7. A blowout bar with the different hair styles labeled like cocktails. This was probably one of the most relaxing parts of my trip.
    8. Ugh. The shoe floor at Saks. I don’t really need to say anything else.
    9. And though I did leave Saks empty-handed, I returned home with these beauties. From an unmarked, vintage store in Soho. Worn once and at leastt 70% off the original price. My proudest purchase (of many) from the trip.

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    Finally, My Bar Cart!

    If you are even slightly familiar with this blog and/or my Pinterest boards, you’ve noticed my obsession with bar carts. I’ve been pining away over them for years. I had plenty of bottles to fill it up with, but no cart. It took searching and lots of patience, but I finally found my perfect, vintage bar cart.

    I couldn’t believe it, but the people were practically giving it away… crazy!

    It was a little dusty and needed some TLC, but it was mine. One gold paint job later, and it’s one of my favorite things in the house. I topped it with a tray and a set of vintage bar glasses. Fancy, right?

    And yes, my curtains have pom poms on them. That’s a whole different obsession…

    Design/DIY, Home

    Project: Credenza Makeover

    I showed you my painting a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t show you where it was going – and here it is in our foyer! I think Jordan thought I was crazy when I bought this used credenza, but I knew that I had a special plan for it.

    The wood matched the wood floors in the house which made it boring and bulky – definitely did not flow with my white and airy walls. After much research (aka Pinterest), I narrowed it down to stripes because of the even proportions of the drawers and doors.

    And have I mentioned how much I love Annie Sloan paint? Yes, I know I have, but I must emphasize again how amazing it is to skip the sanding and priming steps when painting wood furniture. It only took two coats of paint and a poly-crylic coating on the top. If you’re in Baton Rouge, both LD Linens and The Nest carry Annie Sloan paint.

    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty obsessed with how it all came together. Next up is the dining area…

    Lovely Favorites

    DIY Jewelry Holder

    I was looking for a solution to my mounds of jewelry laying around the bathroom counter. Sure, that’s what they make jewelry bags for, but my jewelry never seems to make it back into them – especially the pieces I wear the most. After an exhaustive search, I still hadn’t found my perfect solution, so I decided to make it.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the tutorials on how to make your own cake stand out of a plate and a candle holder… but I thought I’d use the same concept on a smaller level… and stacked. I found these beautiful dessert plates at an antique store for about $1 each. I picked up the ones I could find with gold edges and details.

    Not so much luck with finding suitable candle holders. I needed them to be skinny, but most of the time they ended up being votive holders that were too short. Somewhere along the way, I realized shot glasses turned upside-down would be the ideal solution.

    Starting with the widest plate on bottom, glue the shot glass in the middle of the plate. Add a plate on top and so on. Let it dry overnight, and then start adding your jewelry on it.

    I absolutely love it. It’s a life and time saver for me in the mornings. No more digging around to find my  pyramid studs or untangling my necklaces. I think if done with pretty plates, it would be a great gift idea too!

    Design/DIY, Home

    Nightstand Project

    I looked everywhere for nightstands, but the look I was going for would have cost $500+ per nightstand… umm, no thanks. So I impatiently tried looking for nightstands at local thrift shops and estate sales. The only problem was finding TWO matching ones. Literally took me months. Until one fateful day, I found a listing for these two wooden end tables for $50 a piece. They were in perfect condition, but a tad too short for my bed. Luckily, I’ve been lost in Lowe’s quite a bit, so I remembered the aisle that stocks wooden dowels in various lengths… the tables were mine.

    The painting process took quite a while. I had to prime and then, paint both the end tables black. I spray painted the dowels and hardware with gold Rust-Oleum spray paint. It was then time to decide whether to hand paint the drawers or spray paint them. By this time,  I was so over the hand painting especially if it was going to require multiple coats. Instead, I taped off the drawers and went over with the gold spray paint again.

    So here they are elevated and painted! What do you think? Full room to come…