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    DIY Jewelry Holder

    I was looking for a solution to my mounds of jewelry laying around the bathroom counter. Sure, that’s what they make jewelry bags for, but my jewelry never seems to make it back into them – especially the pieces I wear the most. After an exhaustive search, I still hadn’t found my perfect solution, so I decided to make it.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the tutorials on how to make your own cake stand out of a plate and a candle holder… but I thought I’d use the same concept on a smaller level… and stacked. I found these beautiful dessert plates at an antique store for about $1 each. I picked up the ones I could find with gold edges and details.

    Not so much luck with finding suitable candle holders. I needed them to be skinny, but most of the time they ended up being votive holders that were too short. Somewhere along the way, I realized shot glasses turned upside-down would be the ideal solution.

    Starting with the widest plate on bottom, glue the shot glass in the middle of the plate. Add a plate on top and so on. Let it dry overnight, and then start adding your jewelry on it.

    I absolutely love it. It’s a life and time saver for me in the mornings. No more digging around to find my  pyramid studs or untangling my necklaces. I think if done with pretty plates, it would be a great gift idea too!

    Design/DIY, Home

    Nightstand Project

    I looked everywhere for nightstands, but the look I was going for would have cost $500+ per nightstand… umm, no thanks. So I impatiently tried looking for nightstands at local thrift shops and estate sales. The only problem was finding TWO matching ones. Literally took me months. Until one fateful day, I found a listing for these two wooden end tables for $50 a piece. They were in perfect condition, but a tad too short for my bed. Luckily, I’ve been lost in Lowe’s quite a bit, so I remembered the aisle that stocks wooden dowels in various lengths… the tables were mine.

    The painting process took quite a while. I had to prime and then, paint both the end tables black. I spray painted the dowels and hardware with gold Rust-Oleum spray paint. It was then time to decide whether to hand paint the drawers or spray paint them. By this time,  I was so over the hand painting especially if it was going to require multiple coats. Instead, I taped off the drawers and went over with the gold spray paint again.

    So here they are elevated and painted! What do you think? Full room to come…

    Design/DIY, Home

    Dining Chair Project

    If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already caught a glimpse of my dining chair project, but here it is from start to finish.

    At this point, I’m a Craigslist professional. I know what’s good and bad and what’s worth the price, so I flipped when I saw these bamboo and leather chairs. I got them from a local restaurant that was closing. What I liked most about the chairs was the giant, leather cushion (not pictured). Leather covers meant the cushion underneath would still be in good condition. Before I bought them, I made a trip to see the chairs to find out how difficult removing and recovering the seat would be. It was as simple as removing two screws – SOLD.

    The next task was figuring out what color paint and fabric to use. I finally decided on black chairs with a white table (you’ll see in another post). I found the perfect fabric – I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. It has all the colors I was looking for and is a print that mixes well with other prints.

    The actual painting and reupholstering took place over the course of two different days. I needed an entire day to paint and let them dry completely. Super easy, but time consuming since you have to wait between coats. The fabric recovering was not as easy. I had to rip out all of the previous staples, take off the leather covers, then start restapling the new fabric. Three hours in, I wanted to throw the staple gun off the top of the house. Make sure you have a good staple gun!

    But they are finally finished and well worth all of the effort. Since, these photos were taken, the table and other things have been added in, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the next project posts!