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Palm Beach Girls’ Trip Recap

OH Palm Beach, how you’ve stolen my heart! On my recent and (very first trip) to Palm Beach, I could not get over the glamour and beauty of this little island. Mainly because when you hear the word “island,” you get a totally different visual in your head. Palm Beach is unlike any other island that I’ve ever seen, and I think you’ll see why in today’s trip recap. I’ve put together a post sharing where we stayed, the amazing meals we ate, and all of the things we learned along the way on our Palm Beach girls’ trip!

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

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Where To Stay in Palm Beach

The Brazilian Hotel is a luxe boutique hotel nestled quietly into neighborhood streets. But I’m not talking any neighborhood. These houses are bougainvillea manicured perfection – you’ve never seen more attractive garage doors, I promise you. The very first thing we did was drop off our luggage and explore the area taking in every picture perfect corner. We quickly found out that nearly everything worth seeing is within walking distance from The Brazilian Court: restaurants, shopping, the beach – more on these in the full post. We only took transportation twice during this trip outside of going to and from the airport!

Plus, The Brazilian Court has so much to offer its guests. Every morning, we either had breakfast downstairs at Café Boulud or coffee and fruit delivered to the room. (Finally, good hotel iced coffee!) There’s also an on-site salon. You won’t be surprised to hear we arranged for blowouts at the Frédéric Fekkai salon the first morning of our trip. Is there ANYthing better than someone else shampooing and blowdrying your hair? I think not.

Another thing I loved about the hotel was hearing the history behind it! You can almost imagine the glamourous 1920’s parties that probably took place in its tropical, yellow courtyards. Two of the luxury suites are named Brando and Hepburn after the Old Hollywood celebrities that frequented them. And if you’re into Bravo like me… THIS is where the Countess and Tom got married. Yep I did a twirl in the ballroom for them. See the end of today’s post for a promotional offer from The Brazilian Court!

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Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Eat in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

Where to Eat in Palm Beach

Ta-boo is located a short walking distance away from The Brazilian Court on Worth Avenue which is basically Palm Beach’s equivalent to Rodeo Drive. We went for lunch and were happy to sit close to the entrance and open window perfect for people watching which was extraordinary! We also had a great spot to enjoy the painted walls and amazing decor. We had just arrived in Palm Beach and were famished, so we ordered the appetizer nachos. Not the most sophisticated option on the menu, but if you’re a nachos fan, you will not be disappointed. They were HUGE and delicious, and yes, there might have been a few patrons judging us… no cares were given. A must-eat and see spot!

Café Boulud was our breakfast destination of choice this trip considering it was right downstairs from our room. BUT we also had a most enjoyable wine pairing lunch on the outside terrace on our last day in town. We had a three-course lunch with a charcuterie board (my fave), pasta, fries (of course) and coffee gelato (YUM). I finished off all of my wines and some of Jenn’s – if you had any doubts. We also enjoyed some macarons from the cafe too.

Sant Ambroeus is a restaurant I’ve been to in NYC for brunch, so I was excited to visit the Palm Beach location over lunch with Beth from Palm Beach Lately. Just as delicious as I remember, and any time I have the chance to order an avocado toast, I will do it. Ordering their iced coffee and gelato is an absolute must – as well as taking in the fun decor and ambiance. Literally could sit there all day over a glass of rosé!

Buccan. Oh my gosh where do I start. There are those foodie restaurants you read about, and you speculate whether the hype is real. It’s real, and it’s here. First off, I love any restaurant that offers small plates because it means I get to try more food. We started off with the tuna crisps and squash blossoms. I don’t quite know what a squash blossom is, but you need to order it! We also ordered short rib empanadas which might have been the best empanada I’ve ever eaten. I was really hoping that my stomach would allow me to order more, but I had to sadly miss the mushroom pizza. We did decide to end the meal with the warm chocolate chip cookies though!

Imoto is the sister restaurant to Buccan – literally right next door and they share the same dessert menu. We met Stephanie from The Style Bungalow and Chelsae our photographer while there for sushi on our last night. We all shared the fried rice, the tuna tataki and the salmon tartare – each so delish! I was kind of stuffed from the appetizers, so I ordered the cucumber roll for a fresh and light entree. We also couldn’t help ourselves and ordered more of the chocolate chip cookies for dessert. #vacationdiet

Pizza al Fresco is where I ordered an entire pizza to myself. Blame it on the gorgeous outdoor terrace covered in café lights, the white wine or maybe just my own gluttony. I ordered the namesake pizza – the pizza al fresco and substituted the gluten-free crust. So good that I basically ate half a pizza and then finished off the prosciutto on the other half… Jenn ordered the Messicana which is essentially everything you’d order in a taco, on a pizza. Full menu here!

Note: All of these are walking distance from the hotel except for Sant Ambroeus.

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | What to Pack for Palm Beach

Where to Walk

We strolled right on over to see the beach from The Brazilian Court. (The hotel will arrange for beach chairs and more.) Walking along Worth Avenue is a must to see all of the pretty window displays and maybe even give in to your self-control and do a little shopping. One street before Worth is Peruvian where you’ll see Major Alley covered in bougainvillea and this amazing backdrop from Monday’s post. You can also easily walk and see The Colony Hotel and/or The Chesterfield Hotel.

Where to Shop

As mentioned above, Worth Avenue is the luxe spot to see and be seen, but if you’re wanting to really get some insane mall-shopping in, you have to visit The Gardens Mall which is about a 15-20 minute ride from the island over in West Palm Beach. We stopped at The Gardens Mall on our last day, and it might just be the largest mall that I’ve ever been in. It has literally every store you could ever need! From Louis Vuitton to Sephora to Lululemon – and not one but TWO Starbucks. It’s all there in one place. It would be so dangerous if our mall in Baton Rouge were on the same level. Would I ever leave?

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

Fun Facts We Learned About Palm Beach

A few interesting things to note about Palm Beach and if you are considering booking a trip. Palm Beach has a “season” much like The Hamptons have a season. The main “season” or time to visit is typically between October/November and late April/early May before it gets uncomfortably hot in the summer months. We happened to book our trip in early May which was the “end of season,” so there were not too many tourists and the weather was still pleasant. Locals cautioned that waiting any later might mean very high temps and regular mid-day rain showers!

Pack bug spray people. All of the lush tropical plants mean mosquitos! We asked around for the nearest CVS or Walgreens only to learn that they’re not allowed on the island. In fact, chain stores in general are not allowed on the island. You’ll instead find local pharmacies – which are actually quite charming! Also note that public transportation like taxis are not allowed to just sit on the island. If you call a taxi or Uber, chances are that they will be coming from across the bridge, so you’ll need to account that extra time for them to arrive. It didn’t take very long for us to get an Uber, but again, we were there at the “end of season” with low demand.

So what do you guys think? Was it helpful for those of you thinking of taking a Palm Beach girls’ trip? Do you have any suggestions for my next Palm Beach visit? Let me know in the comments!

Special Promo w/ The Brazilian Court

“Take a Ride with Lilly,” available April 1st — September 30th, 2017, starting at $369 per night

Overnight accommodations for two in a luxurious studio at The Brazilian Court Hotel

All-American breakfast for two each morning

One-day bicycle rentals for two with Lilly Pulitzer inspired Martone Bicycles

Picnic on the beach for two

hi-res photos by Chelsae Anne

Thank you to The Brazilian Court Hotel for an amazing stay and an unforgettable experience!

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary

Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | Where to Stay in Palm Beach | Palm Beach Itinerary Palm Beach Girls Trip Recap | What to Pack for Palm Beach

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