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Paris Recap – Pt. 4

So technically, this post should be “A Pinch of Versailles” because that’s pretty much how we spent our last day in Paris. Believe me, you need the entire day to really see the palace of Versailles. We seriously underestimated this before we got there and had to request extra hours from our driver. (OH and yes, you will need a driver or tour bus to take you out of the Paris city limits and actually to Versailles.) Another thing we underestimated – the amount of walking there is once you get there. Definitely look into the little buses that drive you around the garden grounds, or there are golf cart rentals as well.

From the main palace there are numerous gardens to explore as well as Marie Antoinette’s estate where she also had her own farm. It was really like her own little town. There are amazing fountains in the middle of the gardens where they have fireworks shows during certain nights of the summer. But the real reason to go – the palace. Oh my word. It’s stunning inside. These are only a handful of my photos but literally every thing was gilded gold, velvet walls and curtains, hand painted ceilings, over the top amazing. I would have zero problems living there.

Visiting Versailles made me want to go watch a documentary about the time period or at least watch that Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette movie again. I can’t even convey how historically interesting the whole place is. So put it on your bucket list as a must-do while you’re in Paris!

Next week will be my last post about our Paris trip (tear) and will include how we spent our Paris nights!

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  • Reply Stacey

    This was one thing I didn't get to do when we went to Paris, It is top of my list for next time!


    Five Minute Style 

    July 29, 2013 at 8:56 pm
  • Reply Pothys

    An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.silks saree

    July 30, 2013 at 7:32 am
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