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Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

There are a lot of scary parts of pregnancy, but one of my biggest fears has always been not knowing how it would impact my body. How much weight will I gain? Will I be able to wear normal clothes? There’s absolutely NO way that I’ll be posting photos of my bare belly on social media…

Somewhere around the middle of my second trimester, I realized none of my pants fit anymore, and I had a full-out meltdown in my closet y’all. It wasn’t pretty. But my waist wasn’t the only thing that was growing. For the first time in my life, my chest was larger than a 34B, and all of my bras were increasingly uncomfortable. Even though I was still able to size up in most non-maternity clothing, I was starting to struggle with my own body image.

And while people still tell me 34 weeks in that I “look so small,” I don’t FEEL small.

Keep Reading Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

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Since body confidence is something a lot of women struggle with (especially once they get into their third trimester and final weeks), I want to share a few things that have helped me feel more positive about my changing body.

Invest in the Right Bras and Intimates

Even in my looser fitting clothes, I started feeling very uncomfortable, and it was because none of my intimate wear fit correctly especially my bras. Not to mention, bra sizing during pregnancy and later during nursing can be extremely tricky. This is where a product like Soma’s new SOMAINNOFIT bra technology can be really helpful.

Soma just introduced their brand new app and smart-bra that will correctly size you for a new bra in the comfort of your own home. No measuring tapes and no dressing room insecurities! You slip on the SOMAINNOFIT bra over your current bra, turn it on, and it sends your measurements right to the app. Once the measurements are in, the app suggests all the best bras for your size and body type.

What I love about this – you can measure yourself as many times as you want as your body continues to change during pregnancy. (And you never even have to leave your house.) On my first try, I was suggested the Soma Vanishing Back bra, and it’s a perfect fit!

Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

Talk to Other Moms

I remember two of my best friends telling me to prepare for a bit of body dysmorphia once my waistline started to disappear, and they were right. I remember thinking – thank goodness I have people to call and laugh about this with or else I’d be crying! Plus, I am super lucky to know a LOT of other bloggers who are either pregnant at the same time or have recently had babies. I love reading along with their blog posts and hearing about their similar experiences on IG Stories. It reminds me that I’m not the only person going through all of this, and that it’s all completely normal! I’ve even searched through hashtags on social media and found new moms to follow along with – there is such a supportive community out there if you need people to talk to!

Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

Experiment with Your Wardrobe

If you’re not wanting to invest in a lot of maternity clothing, I’ve found that there are definitely non-maternity brands that will still work if you size up. I have been looking for jersey pieces with a lot of stretch like fitted tank dresses or loose t-shirt swing dresses. Most of the time form-fitting pieces that accentuate the bump are actually MORE flattering than loose ones that can take on a circus tent-like appearance. BUT always go with what you feel most comfortable in if tight-fitting pieces are not your cup of tea! I’ve been wearing a mix of both.

Dresses are what I feel most comfortable in currently. For me, I’ve found that mixing fitted dresses with long cardigans is a flattering option. And when I wear loose dresses, I’ll pair with a trench vest or denim jacket so that they feel more tailored. And when I’m at home, I’m all about the cozy loungewear! In fact, I’m still wearing these Soma pajamas that I previously posted about.

Remember to Love Yourself

More importantly than all of the above, give yourself grace. Love the imperfections and embrace the changes that are happening to the outside of your body because something amazing is happening on the inside. I’m constantly reminding myself every day that these things are temporary and the struggles are only short-lived. Leave yourself an encouraging sticky note inside your planner, set an alarm every day that says you’re beautiful, tell yourself three things you love about yourself every time you catch yourself thinking negatively.

AND if you see someone else who is expecting – give them a compliment.

You are beautiful my friends. xo and Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank you to Soma Intimates for partnering with me on today’s post! All opinions are my own.

photos by Lainey Reed

Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy Body Confidence Tips During Pregnancy

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