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Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths

This post is written in partnership with Clarins. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’ve always believed that your best accessory is your skin, and it pays to look after it if you hope to feel good about yourself and make lasting impressions. BUT pregnancy has really put my skin beliefs to the test y’all. I cruised through the first trimester with zero skin changes, so I thought surely I’d be good to go heading into the second trimester. Wrong. Around the middle of my second trimester, my skin decided to do a complete 180 on me. No longer was I the person with the occasional breakout, I was the person with insufferable breakouts. Not only did I need to completely change my skincare routine to all-natural products, but I also found myself in search of products that soothed my disrupted skin. Keep reading for my experience with pregnancy skin, but keep in mind that I understand everyone’s experience during pregnancy is different!

Keep Reading Pregnancy Skin: Myths and Truths

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Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing?

Before Pregnancy Skincare

I’m going to be super transparent here. Trying out potent anti-aging, anti-breakout products is one of my guilty pleasures. My skincare drawers are packed with retinols, salicylic acids, products that tingle, products that peel, you name it. I exfoliate, I dermaplane, I oxygen facial, I chemical peel from time to time and I’ve even micro-needled. I LOVE skincare. LOVE IT.  So much so that Jordan has even asked me – wait, should I be wearing a sheet mask right now too? The answer is yes, he should. 😉 It goes without saying that having to quit all of my must-have skincare products cold turkey was NOT an easy thing for me to do.

Last year, I took on Clarins’ 7-Day Double Serum Challenge (review here), which really introduced me to the possibility of getting results with products that have key natural ingredients. (It’s a multi-tasking product that replenishes your lipid barrier/hydration levels to improve the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin tone.) I went on IG Stories asking for suggestions on natural skincare brands that I should try during pregnancy – the response was AMAZING. It actually got me a little giddy about having a ton more products to test and try out…

Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing?

After Pregnancy

So, I introduced some gentle, natural skincare products that I was excited about into my routine immediately. I didn’t really notice anything different or new happening to my skin. And then all of a sudden around the middle of my second trimester these little bumps started popping up on both sides of my face. They were symmetrical on both sides starting from my cheeks sweeping up into my forehead and into my hairline. At first I thought maybe I needed to clean my makeup brushes because it was exactly where I normally apply contour and bronzer – and I had NEVER broken out in these areas before.

I also started to notice that by lunch time – my face was VERY oily. I would go clean my face with a toner every day around 2pm to get rid of excess oil. And that’s when I realized what was happening. IS THIS PREGNANCY GLOW?! I was producing so much oil that it was enlarging and clogging my pores and becoming the worst hormonal breakouts my skin had ever seen. (Sounds v dramatic, right?)

Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing?

Cue me trying EVERY single natural acne product possible to come up with a skincare routine that would work… will be doing an in-depth comparison post on those soon. 

There are few products that I literally cannot function without right now because they are tried and true for my skin. Clarins is one of those brands, and I’m excited to be partnering with them today to help you find a targeted serum solution if you also suffer from enlarged pores or hormonal breakouts!

Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing?

Pore Control

While any skin type can suffer from large pores (not just pregnant mamas), it’s usually most common in oily or combination skin types. This is where the Clarins Pore Control comes in. I remembered that Clarins had previously worked for me with natural ingredients, so I decided to try their Pore Control product out. It does all the things that I desperately need from a serum right now – it tightens the pores, it’s mattifying to help create a shine-free complexion. It’s also formulated with Tamarind Pulp Acids, which help unclog pores and soothe skin.

So far, I’m 32 weeks, and my skin is finally taking a turn for the better. I’ve found a routine and group of products that are working and improving all the little bumps and oil production. If you experience any of these skin problems currently, I highly encourage you to try out a targeted serum like Clarins Pore Control to see what a simple rebalance can do!

Have you tried a serum like this? Or do you have any questions for me on pregnancy skin? Drop them in the comments!

Photos by Lainey Reed

Thank you to Clarins, a brand that I love, for partnering on today’s post. All opinions are my own. 

Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing? Pregnancy Skin Myths and Truths | Is Pregnancy Glow a Real Thing?


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    Seems like you have a great skincare routine going right now! Your skin really does look flawless! 🙂

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