My Experience with Probiotics For Your Face!

For someone with ongoing digestion aversions (think lactose-intolerance, yeast-intolerance), the word probiotics is pretty familiar to me. (I technically should be taking oral probiotics everyday… I’ve sort of been failing at that and need to pick it back up.) Just like probiotics rebuild our bodies from the inside, we can also use them to support our biggest organ – our skin. That’s why when I heard about Glowbiotics, my interest immediately piqued. Probiotic infused skincare products you put directly on your skin – and specifically your face – are the product behind My Body Skincare’s Glowbiotics line. Created by the founders of Philosophy!

I was so interested in trying out this product, that I stopped using my other serums and products to give this one a fair test. I’ve been using the resurfacing probiotic pads for the past two weeks. I know that that’s not typically the longest test trial, but I can say that I really like these pads so far. I use them after washing my face in the morning and at night. (I enjoy products that make my face tingle slightly. It makes me think something good is happening to my skin.) I follow up with the HydraGlow cream oil at night. With continued use, these products are supposed to deliver the same results of a micro peel without the actual peel part. So what do I think?

The most obvious difference for me is when I wake up each morning after using both products. I can visually see a difference in my skin. In fact, this morning I was really surprised at how good my skin looked for less than a satisfactory amount of sleep. The HydraGlow oil is a tad heavy for me to use in the morning on my skin because it it SO moisturizing. (In areas that are more dry, the case might be different, but here in Louisiana with the humidity, any added moisture to my face turns into a makeup landslide half way through the day.) Now when I wake up in the morning, my face still feels like I just put the product on, and my skin is more plump than normal.

Also, right before I started using the products, I noted that my skin looked uneven and dry in areas, and I was considering going to get a microdermabrasion. I’ve since postponed that appointment because my skin looks and feels so much better. Tonight, I used my PMD (personal microderm device) after I got out of the shower (on the blue sensitive exfoliation pad), and then I applied the HydraGlow oil. I’m super curious to see how my face looks in the morning. *I’ll update you guys here in the am!*

My Body Skincare is so super generous and is offering to give one lucky lady a set of these two Glowbiotics products to try out herself. Click through to the full post to get the giveaway info!

Get more information on Glowbiotics here!

See the full post + get information on how to enter to win a set of Glowbiotics for yourself!


To enter to win your own set of Glowbiotics on Instagram, find the photo from today’s post on my IG handle – @apinchoflovely – and follow the instructions listed in the caption.

Thank you to My Body Skincare for their generous giveaway and for providing the product for this review. All thoughts are my own and true accounts of product use!

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    Thanks for that KB, I need to get me some of that, looks amazing!

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