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Tech Talk: PayPal.Me

I rely on my phone now more than ever – I check and respond to email, schedule out my social media, use maps to get around – it’s a lifeline. And when I’m on vacation or traveling, it’s even more important than when I’m at home. So imagine how crucial my phone is to me when I’m in the fast-paced scene at New York Fashion Week, a week when I have the most pressure to fit as many possible things into those 24 hours of each day. Apps are becoming the fastest and most efficient resources for information and services at your finger tips, so it only makes sense that now PayPal has launched a new way for sending money faster and easier than ever with one click of a button. 

After using their new PayPal.Me link program during NYFW this September, I teamed up with PayPal to share my experience and how it can help you personally or your business while traveing on-the-go! 

One of the ways that PayPal.Me is efficient on-the-go – splitting cab fare. In most cases with cab rides, someone is always stuck using their credit card to cover an entire cab fare when not every person has the cash to split. With PayPal.Me, you can instantly send that person your portion of the cab fare by using their PayPal.Me link!

For example, if someone wants to send me money, they can go to, enter the amount and click send – that’s it. Here’s a look at the screen:

Another way that PayPal.Me is a lifesaver – splitting group checks. Y’all. The biggest single annoyance of eating with a large group? A restaurant that will not split checks or will only take a certain amount of credit cards per table. And now it doesn’t matter! One person can pick up the bill, send everyone their PayPal.Me link and the money can be instantly sent (and can be sent using the friends and family option btw). We had SO many group meals while in NYC. Basically every single meal was a split-the-check situation!

Here’s a look at one of our group brunches at Gallow Green where I gave everyone a look at the app and let them know how quick and easy splitting our meals would be!

To get more information, check out the PayPal blog for more articles on how to make digital payments fast, easy and safe!

Thank you to PayPal for teaming up on this blog post! I love sharing the brands and products that I use and believe in, and as always, my thoughts and opinions are all my own!

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  • Reply Bella B

    Awesome post I love paypal its so handy! and great dress

    October 1, 2015 at 10:24 pm
  • Reply Kathleen Harper

    Gorgeous photos! I love PayPal too 🙂

    October 2, 2015 at 2:28 am
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