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Intentional New Year’s Resolutions + Power Words

Today’s post about my 2017 goals and resolutions has been MUCH more difficult to write than I anticipated! Digging deep into your failures, flaws and shortcomings from the previous year can really be a come-to-Jesus meeting! It’s so easy to reflect on all of the GOOD things that occurred and all of the things that went RIGHT. It’s not so fun to admit what you were terrible at and the areas where you completely missed the mark. So, I’ve been doing some reading on how to set intentional New Year’s resolutions in the form of “power words.”

Coming up with power words to represent your year can be more actionable when it comes to keeping your goals in sight. Instead of drafting a list of goals that I’ll likely forget about by the end of the month, I’m creating a short list of words to help visualize the upcoming year. The idea came to me after listening to creative entrepreneur podcasts and a few inspiring conversations with my photographers at our favorite coffee spot. (After all, they’re the closest to coworkers that I have!)

Today, I’m sharing my power words and how I’ll be using them in 2017. I’m also haring my first outfit post of the year – including this striped tote from Sole Society. It seriously makes for best work bag for carrying around my agendas and planners and notebooks! (Not excessive at all.) The cocoon wrap and open toe booties are also comfy go-to pieces for days on-the-go and more coffee meetings to get out of the house!

Click through to read more about setting intentional New Year’s resolutions + more of this outfit with Sole Society!

This striped tote would make a great work bag! How to Set Intentional New Years Resolutions

This striped tote would make a great work bag! Sole Society open toe booties

1. Balance

It only makes sense for Balance to be my first power word that I want to apply in 2017. This is the one major area where I struggled last year. Through juggling a full-time job, my blog and personal life, I was completely off balance in 2016! When making decisions this year, I am going to be more intentional in asking myself, “Will this throw off the balance?” A yes answer will signal anything that might yield those feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that plagued me last year.

How to Set Intentional New Years Resolutions This striped tote would make a great work bag!

2. Joy

I chose Joy as my second word because I’m looking to shape more of my life around things that bring me enjoyment. For example, finding my place in my business, nurturing relationships with friends and family, and saying yes to projects that fulfill joy in my heart. This could even mean being more observant of the moments of joy that are already around me that I sometimes take for granted.

This striped tote would make a great work bag! How to Set Intentional New Years Resolutions

3. Energy

Energy is my third and final power word for 2017. Not just because I’m going to need more of it for my new workout schedule… (but really). I caught myself falling into the negativity trap at the end of 2016 that I couldn’t seem to snap out of! With SO many blessings to be grateful for last year, there was no reason for me to be harboring negative thoughts about only a few personal goals and numbers that I hadn’t met. I’m making energy  and positive affirmations a major focus for 2017. This might even involve some meditation + energy work that I’ll be talking about in future posts!

This striped tote would make a great work bag! This striped tote would make a great work bag!

To help keep myself accountable, I’ve written all three words down and posted them on the wall next to my computer. I’m hoping this will keep all of them at the forefront of my mind during the day!

What would your power words be for 2017? I’d love to hear your goals and resolutions!

striped tote c/o Sole Society

open toe booties c/o Sole Society

blush cocoon wrap c/o Sole Society

Joe’s Jeans distressed skinny jeans c/o

ivory sweater c/o

Karen Walker sunglassesTimex tonal watch c/o

2017 leather agenda / leather All-In-One pouch c/o

The Simplified Planner c/o

photos by Lainey Reed

Thank you to Sole Society, a brand I love, for partnering on today’s post about setting New Year’s goals. As always, all styling and opinions are my own.

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  • Reply Jordan

    Oooo I like this idea of power words! This is so similar to a newsletter I literally just finished writing based off of the idea of “Push Goals” by Chalene Johnson where you find your weakest areas and create your strongest goals for those areas. I feel like for me one of the power words would also be Balance, maybe also Moderation? (if that’s not too similar) and probably Consistency. Happy New Year Krystal!!

    January 3, 2017 at 4:30 pm
  • Reply Cassie Gregory

    Love your words for 2017! I never thought of just picking out words instead of goals. I will have to think of what mine need to be. 🙂

    January 4, 2017 at 8:37 am
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