Shopbop Sale Steals

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dress / plaid pant / ruffle cami

pom sweatshirt / mint crop / printed top

front tie skirt / tropical romper / flowy top

The Shopbop Sale has been recently restocked with new merchandise, and there are some major steals in there including the items above that are on my watch list. There are so many others, but I just wanted to show you a good variety! When it comes to summer sale items, I’m always looking for those items that I can wear both now and in the coming months: dresses and rompers that pair well with booties, cropped sweaters, colors that work well with navy and jewel tones… Plus, sheer layering pieces can always bring an added element to pre-fall wardrobes. Shop the Shopbop sale here!

Any certain summer sale items you guys are choosing to pick up now rather than later? 

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