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Spring Shoe Review | The Sneaker I’ve Worn For YEARS

If there is only one shoe that I can truly get behind, it’s probably the Sofft Somers III slip-on sneakers. I’ve been raving about how comfortable they are for years now (seriously, see this post, this post, and this one too), and have gotten SO much mileage out of them. They’re basically all I reach for when I want to dress for comfort without giving up style. What I love most about this shoe is how versatile it is – you can wear it with literally anything from jeans and a tee to flirty dresses and more. I’m breaking why you need to add them to your shoe lineup and I’ve worn them – since 2016 y’all!

On a side note, I’m so excited that Sofft just released this shoe in brown, which is going to be a HUGE color this year. Not only that but there is now a lace-up version of the Somers sneaker that I know I’m going to be wearing nonstop this spring!

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Keep Reading Why I Have Worn The Sofft Somers For Years

Top-Selling Spring Sneakers | The Must-Have Hands-Free Sneaker

They’re perfect for travel

Anytime I’m traveling, I always want to make sure I’m dressed for comfort but also ready to hit the ground running once I arrive. The Sofft Somers III sneakers are perfect for this since you can easily slip them on and off when going through TSA – and the cushioned insole makes it easy for running through airports. These sneakers deliver serious comfort that cannot be beat. I can’t tell you guys how many times they saved my feet when exploring the colorful sites of Charleston and on the busty streets of NYC. 

Top-Selling Spring Sneakers | The Must-Have Hands-Free Sneaker

They’re effortlessly chic on the go

I’ve always been the kind of girl that’s constantly on the go, but the pace is even faster now that I’m a mom. One minute I’m running to the groceries, and the next, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment. And as much as I love heels, they just don’t cut it anymore when I need to dash out with Bennett. Laces don’t even cut it sometimes. It’s great knowing I have a pair of comfy light shoes to get me through a busy week. But best of all, the minimal design and neutral color options pair well with everything! (I pretty much own a pair in every color!)

Top-Selling Spring Sneakers | The Must-Have Hands-Free Sneaker

They make mom life easier

Sofft Somers sneakers are the easiest thing to get in and out of, which I appreciate more than ever now. I’ve got my hands full with Bennett and I’m constantly on my feet. These shoes make it so easy to keep up. I always have a pair by the door in case I need to get out in a pinch. They’re perfect for daycare drop-offs and pick-ups since they go with whatever I happen to be wearing. Definitely a must a must for moms chasing after toddlers daily – I even gifted them to my two sisters-in-law for Mother’s Day two years ago!

With all that said, these sneakers check off everything I could ask for in a pair of chic, comfy sneakers! And the fact that they can be worn with anything just makes it better. If you’re needing fresh sneakers that don’t look too sporty this spring, you’ll love Sofft Somers – with or without the laces!

What are your go-to sneakers?

Thank you to Sofft Shoes for partnering on today’s post. As always, all thoughts and styling are my own.

Top-Selling Spring Sneakers | The Must-Have Hands-Free Sneaker

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    These are really cute! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    I like the casual style, suitable for nowadays, sweet style, I like the glasses, the earrings and the shoes.

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