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How to Spruce Up Your Summer Looks

I recently introduced you guys to one of my new favorite brands, Nordstrom 1901, here but had a few more summer outfit ideas I wanted to share. You guys know I love my trying new trends and bold accessories, but sometimes, I just want to simplify. And that requires getting down to one striking detail to spruce up your summer look. For me, that’s been tie waist and bow tie details! Unsurprisingly, there’s plenty to be found in the 1901 collection. Click through to see more ways to spruce up your summer looks!

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Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top

Shop More 1901 Picks for Summer:

Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top

Tie-Waist Bottoms

First up is tie-waist bottoms. Who needs a belt if your pants or skirt comes with a bow-tie belt? This 1901 skirt is the perfect example of that. With the striped pattern and a prolific bow around the waist, this style screams timeless glamour – and it’s so refreshing for summer. I love that it fits like a dream and is so flattering with the subtle pleats around the waist. The designer quality but affordable price point is unmatched. Don’t forget to check out the assortment of tie-waist skirts and pants!

Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top

Tie-Detail Dresses

Wrap dresses are no doubt one of my favorite summer styles, but 1901 takes them to another level by adding prominent sashes that can be tied into a perfect bow. And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find plenty of dresses with bows adorning the shoulders as well as the back. You know I’m a huge fan of Nordstrom’s extensive options at all different price points!

Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top

Tied Tops

I know it can be hard to refrain from the same graphic tee or camisole in the summertime – I’m guilty! So, why not switch things up and dress up your outfit with a wrap or tie-front blouse? It’s obvious now that there’s no shortage of bows in the 1901 collection, and I’m not complaining. I love the charming, graceful silhouettes – and the bow tie details only add extra style points!

Have you shopped the Nordstrom 1901 collection yet? Which was your favorite way to spruce up a summer outfit?

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Nordstrom. The product recommendations and text are all mine.

Photos by Lainey Reed

Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe | 1901 Tie Front Skirt + Smocked Crop Top

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  • Reply Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I’ve never been a fan of tie-detail dresses, but I’m really liking the dress you’re wearing! Maybe I’m growing into the look? Will definitely have a browse around my local stores to find a similar one! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    June 29, 2018 at 11:28 am
  • Reply Kim

    I love a tie waist! I think it’s super flattering. Great photos!

    Kim .. How to deal with gaining weight!

    June 29, 2018 at 12:16 pm
  • Reply Laura Leigh

    So pretty! Adore this look! Also, great tips. I need to grab more tie-waist items.

    xo Laura Leigh

    July 2, 2018 at 7:27 am
  • Reply Sam

    Love everything about this look! Such a pretty skirt for summer!


    July 2, 2018 at 11:15 am
  • Reply Lataz

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    April 23, 2020 at 7:10 am
  • Reply Rose William

    This is really something what, I’m looking for. Thanks a lot for this post. You look damn hot in these outfits. A fashion accessory is a decorative item that supplements one’s outfit. An accessory adds color, style, and class in an outfit. Well, if I’d be asked to add accessories to my style, I would prefer Owl scarf in the first place. The Owl scarf have become very popular.

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