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Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

The third trimester – by far the most challenging one of my pregnancy! Fatigue, swelling, back aches, reflux… not to mention the influx of advice and questions from family and friends. It’s a bittersweet time of feeling ready for pregnancy to be over but also being completely terrified of it being over at the same time. So how do you get through the homestretch? I’m sharing three tips for new moms in today’s post with my third trimester advice. I’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions or additional advice – or if you found this post helpful in some way!

Ps. It’s a little bit of a longer blog post for me. So curl up with some chamomile tea, a bottle of XL smoothie Tums and your comfiest pajamas or loungwear (sharing my Soma favorites below) to read the full post and cruise through your last few weeks of pregnancy!

Keep Reading Third Trimester Advice

Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

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Make Hospital Education A Big Priority

Once I hit the third trimester, I honestly started to panic a little bit! I immediately started to prepare for labor and beyond (the 4th trimester) by educating myself and Jordan as much as possible. Find out if your hospital offers any of these great resources!

Hospital Tour:

Jordan and I signed up for a hospital tour at Woman’s Hospital. This helped answer my BIG questions as a first time mom – like where to go if I thought I was in early labor vs. where to go if I was getting induced. (Very important as I will share in Bennett’s birth story blog post.) We were able to see the delivery rooms and tour the mother/baby floor. Even little details like how/where to park the car, when to get the luggage out of the car etc. were covered during our tour. We got information to share with our families regarding the family rooms and when we should tell them to arrive. I learned how to complete my OB Express paperwork which meant I could fill out all of my delivery paperwork in advance instead of doing it while in active labor. I absolutely recommend a hospital tour for peace of mind on the actual day you go into labor!

Hospital Classes:

In addition to the hospital tour, we signed up for several of the offered hospital classes. We enrolled in both “Preparing for Labor” and “After Baby Comes” – both offered at Woman’s Hospital. I loved that all class material was printed out for us to bring home. I 100% referred to the contractions pages on the day I went into labor. The breastfeeding course was offered in-person or as an online course, so I opted for the online version.

Additional Hospital Resources

Our hospital has the option to directly text to an educator who will answer your questions in real time. Although I haven’t had to use this option, it’s such a nice and convenient way to get quick answers to questions you might have.

Another key resource is the Woman’s Hospital Pregnancy app. Not just for tracking my pregnancy, the app includes sections for Education, Labor and Birth, After Baby and the Contraction Timer. Using the Contraction Timer on the app was what made me realize that I was in active labor!

Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

Stock Up on Essentials

During the final weeks of pregnancy, I made sure to stock up on EVERYTHING that I would need for the next month. I fully stocked up on all paper products – including paper plates. (No one has time for cleaning dishes once the baby arrives.) Jordan and I made a special trip to the store to stock up on personal care items including hospital bag necessities. If you have pets, make sure to stock up on their food and treats! I also stocked the freezer with pre-made meals and the pantry with ample amounts of snacks. Ps. Stock up on Tums for reflux, nighttime tea for sleeplessness and lemons for your water to help reduce swelling. 

Another thing I stocked up on – comfy sleepwear, loungewear and intimates. I wanted to find lightweight robes and pajamas that would fit me with and without the bump. I’ve posted about Soma previously during my pregnancy, and I LOVE how soft and comfortable their sleepwear selection is. The sleep dress and long robe in today’s post have been two of my favorites. These photos were taken the week before I went into labor, and I have worn them SO much since being home from the hospital. I also really love their Enbliss bra – y’all this bra is SO SOFT. It’s got a cloud-like softness that makes it so comfortable. And trust me, you want everything to be as comfortable as possible during postpartum. I also love this sleep chemise and short robe as a set. (Sleepwear pieces like these make great gift ides to expecting friends too.)

Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

Slow Down + Self Care

This last tip I really want to emphasize! Take care of YOU before you start taking care of your new little one. Go get a prenatal massage or a pedicure (or two). I would make any excuse to go get a pedicure especially for the feet and ankle massages. Go get your hair colored/cut. Honestly, do anything that takes up extended hours of the day including brow tinting, lash extensions, blowouts – anything! You don’t know when you’ll get away from home to do these things once the baby comes.

Lastly, I’ve never been good at slowing down. I’m always going from one thing to the next. But the last two weeks of pregnancy, I eased into a slower type of lifestyle. I gave myself grace to accept being tired and to take a nap when I felt like it even if I had other things to do. (Especially since getting a full night’s sleep is literally impossible at this point.) On the weekends, I made pajamas and face masks a way of life instead of leaving the house. I bypassed social events at night to take extra long baths at home listening to my podcasts. And, I have zero regrets. In fact, if I could go back, I’d probably take MORE naps when I had the chance! Last, if the weather is nice, drop what you’re doing and go on a short walk to get fresh air and to keep moving on your feet. I promise you will not regret taking time for yourself before you give all of your time to your new little one!

Have any questions about the third trimester? You can send me an email at any time with your questions! [email protected] OR send me a DM on Instagram!

Thanks to Soma for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and product choices are my own. 

Photos by Lainey Reed

Third Trimester Advice For New Moms Third Trimester Advice For New Moms

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