Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites + Timex Giveaway – 8.26

1. Kendra Scott Nail Polish Launches Today!

Ever wish your nails were as pretty as those Kendra Scott jewels on your wrist? Um, yes – the Kendra Scott polish collection launches today! I was lucky to get my hands on a few colors and the top coat in my favorite colors for fall, or should I say metallics? I’m trying out the metallic gold and rose gold polishes as well as the classic red lacquer to go with all my heavy metals this season! 

I mean how pretty are these bottles? 

Scoop them up and see the entire Kendra Scott Nail polish collection here!

2. Cute & Quality Clear Bag Options for Football Season

Ever since the NFL rolled over to a clear bag only policy, we’ve been slowly seeing college stadiums slowly following suit. So the problem now for fashionistas is trying to find a quality clear bag that isn’t made of flimsy plastic or chain so thin it will snap on you second gameday. 

Simply Chic Baton Rouge is exclusively carrying these Savvy Root clear handbags that come with both a chain strap and a black leather strap. Swing buy the store or place your order over the phone!

(More gameday fun with this bag and clothing options coming up next week!)

3. Two Hair Sprays Getting Me Through Rainy Days

I have a dramatic love affair with hair spray. I use way too much of it. I love it. I coat my bathroom countertops with it. SO to say I’m a bit of a hair spray aficionado might be an understatement. Two that have been taming my mane during all of this summer rain have been Pantene’s Air Spray and Keratin Complex Bold Hold. I don’t use them together – I use them for different types of hair styles. 

When I want to go with air dried waves, I use my Pantene Air Spray that helps lock in the moisture and keeps the waves soft. I use this mostly on my every day hair. When I have somewhere special to go, and I’m curling my hair with a wand and really want those curls majorly locked in place – I go with my Keratin Complex. Both smell really good too!

4. Swedish Fish Shoes

Everything that’s old is new again – I feel like I’m seeing so many styles from my junior high and high school days coming back this year! Another major flashback happening in my closet right now are clogs and wooden platforms. Swedish Hasbeens are making a major comeback, and this tan pair will be SO cute with flares and suede skirts. I’m also getting kinda crazy with some fringe Dansko clogs next week in an outfit post! You have to check back for that!!

5. Timex Watch Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce another fun giveaway with Timex to get your arm party perfect for fall! I wear my tan Timex and blue striped version ALL of the time, but there are so many new good ones that just hit the site – including this oversized gold watch that I’m drooling over. 

One lucky winner will have their pick of the site just in time for fall bags and lush knits! Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win!

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10 Tips on How to Be on Time EVERY Time & Improve Your Punctuality

Have trouble being on time? If you landed on today’s post, you probably find yourself innocently running late more than just once or twice a week. Ever get that super flustered feeling looking at the clock? Have you promised yourself “Okay, I’ll never speed again, as long as l get there this one time without a speeding ticket?” Guilty over here. So I’m teaming up with Timex today to talk about how to be on time EVERY time and then giving away a new watch to someone lucky!

No surprise, I struggle with realistic multi-tasking every single day and am trying to find new ways to improve punctuality. (I swear sometimes I think it’s genetic and that my dad has handed down this characteristic to me.) So I’ve rounded up a few tips on how I’m improving my time management and punctuality because hey, being routinely late and breaking out into a nervous sweat before walking in someplace is NOT fun. I mean just yesterday I was late to my barre class and too embarrassed to walk in… so instead I sat on my couch and ate almost an entire bag of Skinny Pop.

WHY am I always late? 

I will admit to you every day of the week that I cannot make quick decisions. This includes what I’m wearing, how I want to wear my hair, what color lip color I should put on, where I should eat, which route I should take. EVERYTHING must be contemplated. And of course people who are easily distracted also have a tendency to be late. Call me the queen of phone distractions over here. BUT knowing the reasons behind my tardiness is helping me figure out how to be on time, so I’m sharing these:

Top 10 tips to make yourself more punctual in today’s full post!

Shop this post:

1. Get Better At Estimating Time

Tracking how long tasks can take – a huge fail for me. I am constantly late because I have trouble determining how long it takes to perform different tasks – even the ones that I perform on a regular basis. I think it takes me 20 minutes to get to work when in reality it takes me about 35 minutes. I can remedy this by tracking and timing how long it takes me to get certain places OR by consulting my Google maps app ahead of time.

2. Plan for Traffic Or A Setback 

Take the estimated time that you learned in Tip 1 and add 25% to it. Expect traffic, expect a phone call that takes 30 minutes of your work day, expect for your program to crash that you haven’t clicked Save yet. Okay knock on wood for that last one because it’s seriously the worst, but it’s a good standard practice to plan more time than necessary to be somewhere or complete work.

3. Don’t Look At Your Phone or Look At It Less

You might think you’re picking up your phone to just check the time, but you’re really going to click through to Instagram or to check your email in case one more came through – potentially setting you back by at least 10 minutes or more once you get sucked into the iPhone. Instead of picking up my phone multiple times, I’m setting an alarm 20-30 minutes before I need to leave so when it goes off, I know that I need to start wrapping up whatever I’m doing.

4. Set Your Clocks Ahead

Set all of your clocks ahead at different times. That sounds crazy right? But if you can’t remember which clock is set ahead at what number, you have to go by whatever it says. To set your iPhone clock ahead, make sure the automatic option is turned off in your settings, and you can then set it manually.

5. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

UM, how many times have you been in a rush only to see that you’re almost out of gas? Absolute WORST. I’m trying to be more diligent in filling up my gas tank every time I get to 1/4th of a tank. I’ve almost missed a flight because I had to stop off of an exit that didn’t have a gas station right by the interstate. This one is going to be super hard for me because I loathe stopping to get gas. 

6. Plan It Out the Night Before 

You probably hear this all of the time, and your mom might have already made you do this before school. Pick out your clothes the night before. Countless times I have reached into my closet for a shirt only to find that it’s wrinkled – when I really haven’t accounted for the time needed to either steam or iron it. This type of stuff happens to me a lot when I’m trying to plan which outfits I want to share with you guys. The item will either be wrinkled, or I’ll have forgotten to put on a key piece of jewelry.

7. Tackle Your To-Do List

An endless to-do list can be overwhelming, so you’re tendency to be late is because – you have too much to do. Having an unrealistic schedule makes being on time basically impossible. I’m trying to cross off things that aren’t a priority and tackle the most important items on my list in a more timely manner. Another way to do this is to batch your work. More to come on this in a future post!

8. Set Up Desktop Notifications

I have literally started making Outlook and Google calendar notifications for everything. I’ll get a notification sent straight to my phone and my computer screen 15 minutes before it’s going to happen. Most of the time this is for work meetings so that I give myself enough time to prepare materials, but I also do this with scheduled business calls and even webinars for the same reason. 

(I’m a total online webinar nerd you guys.)

These last two are easy ones!

9. Start Thinking Differently About Being Early

Being on time translates into being seen by others as organized, accountable and respectful of people’s time – all things that you would look for from someone else. The only annoying part of being early is waiting, and since you saved all that time not looking at your phone, you can scroll through that inbox while you wait!

10. Make Punctuality a Priority

Even if you don’t put all of these steps into effect, just adding in one or two of them will put you on a more time efficient path. Me over here, I’ve already changed my clocks ahead and scheduled my push notifications. How are you making punctuality a priority? 

Timex Watch Giveaway

Head over to my Instagram (@apinchoflovely) and find the giveaway post featuring the Timex watch in today’s post. Share one of your tips for being on time to be entered to win a Timex watch of your choice! Giveaway will end in exactly one week, and the winner will be notified via the IG post. You can start picking out your new Timex watch here!

Timex tonal watch c/o

Sanctuary camisole c/o

similar jeans

Chinese Laundry heels

Tory Burch crossbody / back in stock!

round frame sunglasses / under $20!

Kendra Scott c/o

Joslyn body chain / Lucia ring setSayor earrings

Ryker bracelet / Reagan bracelet

photos by Jordan Hefler


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    These are some really great ideas. I'm always running late because I always underestimate how long it will take for me to get somewhere, so these tips were super helpful!

    – Maya at

    May 18, 2016 at 10:23 pm
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